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Madbox is a mobile gaming company, creating and publishing its own games worldwide. Since 2018 Madbox has gathered more than 300 million players, still growing. We are looking for top talents with mad skills, a mad passion and a mad ambition to join us.

Madbox is a fast-growing mobile gaming company with a very unique way of developing games. Everything has been made for teams to take as much ownership as possible, unleash their creativity, bring performance, and have as much fun as possible.

In July 2022, we launched our Pocket Champs game worldwide which quickly became one of the top-grossing games in its category.

We are now entering a new era where we aim at becoming the next Gaming Hit Factory and this is where you come in !

Your journey at Madbox as a Game Automation Director

    • Starts by Onboarding on one of our games in development.
    • Meet the Madbox different departments and key business entities.
    • Learn how our tech stack works and relates to a game.
    • Move to the Game Automation Team working on the modules that all the games of the company use and start implementing the vision of the automation department/team
    • Finally you will start defining and coordinating the projects roadmap in Game Automation to impact the way we create Games at MadBox

What will we expect from you ?

    • Work on the development of the core of our tech stack
    • Review contributions of other developers to the tech stack to guarantee a global coherence.
    • Shape our stack architecture: how things interact and work together.
    • Be ready to assist any game development team in smoothly solving the technical issues that might require your help (if the issue is proven to be coming from the central tech stack)
    • Manage 2 Senior Game Automation Developers (one Senior Madboxer and one Senior to hire)
    • Coordinate the process between game automation and our production teams.
    • Identify what would be the most impactful contributions to the stack according to the problems that the production teams are facing and coordinate/contribute to the work around that.
    • Defining and sharing our best practices among all the developers of the company. As the manager of a team of tech experts you would evangelize the best practices to follow and showcase them in the work of the team.
    • Optimization of what has already been automated

Madbox IS the right place if you are/have

    • Passionate about gaming.
    • Experience in Unity as a game/tools developer.
    • Experience on maintaining and supporting some shared technology between different games.
    • Love to find the best tech solution for hard problems.
    • Focused on solving problems and owner of the solving process.
    • Love to find tools to automate processes and recycle code to have an increasingly bigger efficience.
    • A team player that is ready to give and receive feedback.

Madbox is NOT the right place if you are looking for

    • Full remote position working isolated from the team.
    • Need micro management to achieve your tasks.
    • Deploying a tech agenda based on theoretical believes.

How do we hire at Madbox ?

    • 1. A call with the hiring manager (CTO)
    • 2. Meet someone from the leadership team
    • 3. A home assignment 
    • 4. A review of the test with the CTO and Head of Game Tech 
    • 5. A call with the CEO
    • All our offers are extended within 48 hours maximum

Perks and benefits ☕️

    • Competitive and fair compensation : our compensation grid is regularly reviewed to ensure everyone at Madbox is fairly compensated and receives frequent updates.
    • ESOP: We have a stock-options system to reward performance and investment
    • Amazing Offices: Come and explore our offices in the heart of Paris (Bonne Nouvelle Station) and Barcelona (Diagonal Station)! From taking a nap in our “jungle” in Paris Office to soaking up the sun on the rooftop in Barcelona at lunch, we have thought of everything to make you feel right at home. 🧘‍♂️ Bonus: Our fantastic Workplace Managers will make sure to provide you with the coffee/tea/snacks/drinks of your choice!
    • Team Macbook or Team PC? 🖥 We provide all the necessary equipment (computer, keyboard, laptop stand, monitor).
    • Flexible Working Hours: Trust is a key value at Madbox, so you can organize your work as you wish.
    • Health of Our Madboxers is Essential: Alan and Sanitas coverage
    • Transport Fees
    • Catering: Take advantage of the Swile card (Paris) or the Edenred card (BCN) and enjoy the best dishes these beautiful cities have to offer
    • CWS : Culture, Wellness & Sport, is a budget Madbox dedicated to each employee for them to self develop and take care of themselves

    • At Madbox, we believe that working in a great environment where you can express your creativity is essential. To ensure the best quality of life at work, we provide a place where Madboxers can enjoy perks and benefits, and build strong relationships with each other in order to explore & shape their journey together.

Location & contract

    • Location : This position is available in Paris, 19-21 Rue Poissonnière or / and in Barcelona, Utopicus, Plaça de Gal·la Placídia, 1, 3
    • Contract : Permanent full-time contract
    • VISA : this position could be sponsored for a VISA
    • Not based in Paris nor Barcelona ? → No panic, we are here to support you and your family. Our relocation partner will make sure the process is the smoothest one to only focus on discovering these beautiful cities, settle in with your family and start our Madboarding together 🚀 → with 14 different nationalities from allover the world that are represented by our Madboxers, it’s important for us to welcome everyone ! Thus, we provide a VISA sponsorship if you need it.
Madbox is a fast-growing mobile game company based in Paris and Barcelona, creating and publishing its own games. The story of Madbox started when two video game studios fell in love with each other during the summer 2018.
A few months after the beginning of this promance, Madbox first in-house titles hit the top charts of the App Store and Google Play Store worldwide, ranking in #1 positions in more than 100 countries.  Since then, Madbox has gathered more than 300 million players, still growing fast.  To fuel this creative and operations growth, Madbox develops cutting-edge automation systems internally to shorten production times and drive accurately its performance at large scale.
Madbox will collect your personal data for the purposes of managing our recruitment related activities. That is why, Madbox may use your personal data in relation to the evaluation and selection of applicants. Your information will be accessible to recruiting & people teams in Paris & Barcelona. By applying, you expressly give your consent.