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We're a series-A startup growing very fast. We're helping marketing operations team use data and science to do more faster. MadKudu powers the go-to-market of some of the best B2B teams in the world, including Splunk, MongoDB, Shopify, or Figma.

Why we're hiring Account Executives now
TL;DR; We have lots of quality inbound (100% of our business today comes from inbound) and lots of marketing leads to engage. But we have a very small sales team.
There is tons of demand for our product. It solves a mission-critical problem for operations teams. And it is a very differentiated product. We're aggressively expanding the sales team to respond to this demand.

What's interesting about this job opportunity

    • You'll have the benefits of joining an early stage company without the risks and heavy lifting. We have product market fit and the motion is proven. And we're right at this inflection point where the first team is being built out and there is lots of room for everyone to take more responsibilities.
    • You'll be selling innovation that solves a mission-critical business problem. Often you have to choose between one or the other.
    • We have a very strong marketing team in place. You'll ramp up fast leveraging the existing inbound while you start building a prospecting motion with the hundreds of marketing qualified leads.
    • We're customer-centric and our culture is sales-friendly. While we have a deep tech DNA, everyone at MadKudu talks and think about our customers and their pain points A LOT. You'll join a company that understands the role of sales, and work hard to help the team sell and serve its prospects and customers. And you'll be reporting directly to the CEO.
    • We will grow your career quickly without politics. One of our core value is "be a life learner". We'll challenge you to stretch yourself and we'll give you the support you need to build your career at MadKudu and beyond (eg. coaching). We live by clear core values. And we practice a "servant leadership" philosophy. You'll be be amazed by the quality of the people you will work with.
    • Honorable mention: we're not Google or Facebook but we do provide lots of benefits, such as competitive salary, meaningful equity, health, dental, and vision for you and your family, coaching, 401(K), etc.

What will help you crush it and have fun

    • You have experience selling in a modern B2B SaaS company.
    • You feel a little something in your heart when you hear "martech", "marketing, sales or rev operations", or "marketing analytics", or "demand generation", or "customer data platform", "data and science" or "South African antelope.
    • You like asking questions and genuinely learn more from prospects.
    • You have a founder mindset, ie. you love to solve puzzles, you deeply respect people and you're ambitious.
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