Inventory and Logistics Manager/Sr. Manager

Conshohocken, PA
Commercial /
Full Time /
The Inventory and Logistics Manager will support the Madrigal supply chains to implement logistical plans, coordinate the supply flow and manage the inventory of drug substance, drug product and finished goods.

Warehouse Management:

Manages all external warehouse operations including inbound, storage, issuing to production, and outbound

Coordinate with CMOs, 3PL, and logistical vendors to ensure timely distribution of material

Coordinate the movement of all company owned API and drug product throughout the supply chain

Developing and enforcing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Work Procedures for external warehouse activities to ensure consistency and accuracy

Inventory Control and Optimization: Monitoring inventory levels to prevent stockouts and excess stock

Track stock movements, perform reconciliations and ensure stock accuracy
Logistics Coordination: Coordinating with logistics partners, carriers, and freight forwarders to arrange timely and cost-effective transportation of goods between all manufacturers/storage sites

Ensuring compliance with transportation regulations and overseeing the proper documentation for shipping and receiving

Quality Control and Assurance: Implementing GMP compliant procedures for inbound and outbound goods to ensure product integrity and compliance with standards

Supply Chain Collaboration: Collaborating with planners for effectively planning and executing inbound and outbound operations

Working closely with external production teams to align inventory allocation with production schedules and support smooth operations

Continuous Process Improvement: Identifying opportunities for process optimization and efficiency gains in warehouse and logistics operations

Technology Utilization: Identify and leverage warehouse management systems (WMS) and other technology tools to optimize warehouse processes, track inventory, and improve overall efficiency

Reporting and Analytics: Generating regular reports on warehouse and logistics performance, inventory levels, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for management review and decision-making

Responsible for maintaining a centralized documentation filing system
Responsible for import and export clearance through the use of a customs broker

Education and Experience:

Bachelor's Degree

Minimum of 6 years of experience in pharmaceutical supply chain or logistics

Experience in working in a start-up environment and building from the ground up is preferred