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Chief Technology Officer
Seattle, WA
Outlift Ai is a Seattle-based, venture-backed startup that develops 'Level 5' conversational voice agents for administrative healthcare applications.  These agents will relieve nurses, staff and other healthcare professionals from the overwhelming burden of making time consuming, routine, administrative, task-driven phone calls and other communications required by the business of healthcare. 
Beginning with back-office revenue cycle management (RCM) and then extending into provider interactions and eventually into patient engagement, Outlift agents save time and money, improve quality, and enable scaled responses to varying demand levels.  These agents are infinitely flexible, facilitate lightweight integration, and deliver an ROI measured in months and sometimes less.
Outlift’s initial customers are RCM and healthcare solutions providers employing armadas of phone-call workers making millions of transactional calls every year.  Operations officers, CFOs and CEOs at these companies are setting high level goals for their companies to achieve what Outlift can deliver. 
Our motivating purpose is to accelerate the transition of global healthcare to a longevity-focused delivery and incentive model by pioneering the development and deployment of transformative conversational ai technologies serving healthcare workers and ultimately consumers.   

Outlift’s small but growing team is seeking a talented senior leader to partner with the founder/CEO and drive the technology vision and capabilities for this innovative and important endeavor.             

The CTO will be responsible for the secure development and delivery of all customer-facing products and services, including the AI conversational agents, platform services, infrastructure, data pipeline, and applied research science that enable a new vision for healthcare engagement.
The functional areas that this leader will be accountable for include:
      Product Engineering      – Lead the technical vision and architecture for our intelligent, Level-5 conversational agents that facilitate the delivery of future healthcare systems.  Key product components include:  our conversational intelligence platform, ML training systems, scaling infrastructure and secure data handling frameworks.
      Operationalizing Data Science: ML & AI – Work closely with the head of artificial intelligence to deliver the research, development, and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence that brings our AI agents to life.
      Customer Integration Services – Work closely with our enterprise sales and leadership to provide seamless and frictionless customer integration and support engineering.
      Recruiting - Recruit and develop a world class Technology and Engineering Organization.
      Cloud Operations & Security – Deliver a secure and scalable environment that meets or exceeds our and our clients’ HIPAA security standards while delivering our services in a high-quality and cost-effective manner.
      Engineering Operations – Drive fast cycle development capabilities including Agile / Scrum, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery, prioritization and demand management, and the development of effective development and production systems.
      Intellectual Property Development – Expand and manage the company’s base of intellectual property, including its patent portfolio.
-       Establish a culture of productivity, learning, creativity and excellence
-       Fully staff the initial team consisting of software developers, and ML-, conversational-, and DevOps-engineers within six months of hire with top tier talent
-       Develop product roadmap jointly with Outlift’s head of Product
-       Establish a Product Development Life Cycle jointly with the head of Product
-       Architect a scalable data pipeline for training our intelligent agents
-       Create and execute blueprint for secure, scalable platform architecture
-       Automate and productize entire value delivery chain by constantly working to eliminate manual effort to enable scale
-       Work closely with the Outlift head of AI to productize ML and AI research and development
-       Develop and execute strategy for integration with customer’s infrastructure
-       Deliver initial customer PoCs and MVPs, including specific application use-cases and a customer portal with dashboard, reporting engine, and management console
-       Develop and implement QA strategy compatible with conversational engineering and platform service delivery
-       Establish an agile software development cadence with associated infrastructure  and implement CI/CD infrastructure and practices
-       Draft and implement our HIPAA & Cybersecurity policies, programs, and compliance               
-       Put us on the path to obtaining ISO 27001/27002 and SOC2 certification
Product / Technical
-       Technology Vision & Evangelism - gift of working with others to create a vision, inspire others and explain and sell complicated technical concepts to a non-technical audience
-       Cloud data machinery and plumbing: experience building/managing large scale, continuous, and distributed data processing pipelines in cloud environments, and preferably with speech processing, NLU/NLG and conversational AI.  Also including containerization technologies
-       Experience developing modern Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and cloud microservices technologies, and preferably experience with healthcare data and workflow management systems.
-       Experience with data science, conversational intelligence and machine learning concepts in a product setting, including deploying models in a production environment (MLOps)
-       Experience with operational and structural architectural characteristics (availability, scalability, extensibility, maintainability, etc.)
-       Security, networking fundamentals, including experience managing security and compliance audits and building a strong security-conscience culture
-       8+ years’ experience leading engineering teams, including establishing/enforcing best engineering practices (unit testing, CI/CD pipelines, code reviews, code metrics, etc.)
-       Experience leading Agile software development teams and processes
-       Instrumental in bringing new products to market (either big co. or startup), including enterprise and SaaS product development
-       Startup experience (perhaps not day 0, but early stage experience as a senior team member)
-       A strong sense of customer empathy
-       Strong delegator and collaborator, both intra and inter team
-       Track record of being a stellar recruiter, builder of amazing teams
-       Strong cultural leader, high credibility, someone people respect and will follow
-       Scrappy - experience doing a lot with limited resources
-       Picking up balls, holding self accountable, holding others accountable
-       Pragmatic: experience with stage-appropriate architecture and development - crawl, walk, run
-       Open, transparent, flexible