Head of Product Management - Simplata Technologies

Simplata Team
Simplata Technologies is a new company formed to protect sensitive information flowing into, across and through the growing cloud applications used by modern businesses. Simplata began in the fall of 2019 as a project within Madrona Venture Labs (www.madronavl.com). It spun out of MVL in March 2020 and raised initial “pre-seed” funding.

Sensitive data is a broad term that covers both consumer data (PII, personally identifiable information) and the critical and confidential information within a company. While consumer data like email address or credit card number are obviously sensitive it’s just as important for a company to protect internal system passwords, API keys, corporate credit cards, or even the file names for confidential financial documents.

Simplata is the combination of “simple” and “data”. The core idea is that traditional data protection products have been too complicated to configure, to monitor and to maintain. Customers deserve a simple to operate product that makes their business data safer. Everything about Simplata from the dashboards and reports to the install of our connectors into cloud applications has to be consistent with that vision. 

Simplata was founded by Steve Banfield, CEO, and Bruce Roberts, CTO. Both have extensive experience in building great teams and companies. This position will report directly to the CEO.

Simplata Technologies is seeking a head of product management to partner with our CTO as we build out the Simplata platform. This person will have responsibility for establishing our product priorities, looking for new feature and design opportunities and serving as the “voice of the customer” as we launch the first Simplata pilots. As the company grows this person will be expected to define the vision for product management at Simplata and lead a growing team of experts in security, machine learning, and design to ensure that Simplata’s services are world-class. 


    • As the head of product management and the first employee in the company, this is a critical hire for Simplata. A successful candidate will have worked with security and/or machine learning technologies, built teams, and brings a collaborative, hands-on approach to building the next great cloud company.


    • At least 10 years B2B software as a service (SaaS) experience. Simplata will be sold to business customers and a successful candidate will have extensive experience defining and delivering business products. 
    • Experience building and leading great product management teams. Someone who has started as a “team of one” and been able to attract and retain the best product management talent as the needs of the business grow.
    • Delivered across the startup product lifecycle from MVP to scale for next 10, 100 and 1000 customers 
    • Demonstrated ability to manage a complex solution involving multiple technologies into a clear solution. Making complex security problems simple is a fundamental part of the Simplata vision.
    • A deep belief in the importance of company culture and teamwork. The right candidate will want to be a key contributor to the company’s culture over the long term.
    • Demonstrated success as a collaborative leader who understands that the role of product management isn’t just “throwing a spec over a wall” to Engineering and has created cooperative, positive relationships with their peers in Engineering, QA, Sales, and Customer Success.
    • A data-driven approach to product management decision making that is capable of making the right choices when data is available and building a plan to find appropriate when it is not easily accessible
    • Extensive knowledge of B2B SaaS usage and revenue drivers including MRR/ARR, CAC, churn and delivery cost that help drive product design and development choices
    • Hands-on experience in cloud security and/or machine learning. These are fundamental technologies that form Simplata’s foundation and the head of product management will be expected to hit the ground running in leading our product roadmap.
    • Experience building a platform (APIs, connection to 3rd party services)
    • Solution delivery through ecosystem channels such as the Slack or Salesforce app stores.
    • Exceptional communication skills both verbal and written with an ability to represent Simplata to customers, collect key customer feedback and act as the “voice of the customer” inside Simplata.
    • A proactive approach to problem-solving. Especially at this time when everyone at Simplata is working remotely the head of product management will need to bring everyone together and aligned toward delivery of our key goals.
    • An owner’s sense of responsibility and scope. The right candidate will think of each customer as “their customer” and feel deeply responsible for every element of the product. This will be balanced with the ability to make everyone at Simplata feel that same sense of ownership and collaboration to work together for the best customer solution.
    • Ability to work remotely throughout the current pandemic environment.


    • Experience with early-stage startup environments including fundraising. While the head of product management will not be responsible for fundraising, familiarity with working in an early-stage company and with venture capital investors will be beneficial.
    • Ideally, the candidate will be located in the Seattle area. However, with the need for remote work caused by the coronavirus pandemic, exceptional candidates outside the Seattle area will be considered. Preference will be given to candidates located in the US Pacific time zone to make collaboration by phone, Hangouts, Slack and Zoom more efficient. No international candidates will be considered at this time.
    • BA in Computer Science, Data Science or a related field preferred but not required. Open to experienced candidates with alternative career and educational backgrounds.
    • MBA preferred but not required.
Compensation will reflect the nature of the opportunity, in line with early-stage companies including both equity and cash. 

Simplata Technologies is an EO employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status. 

Qualified applicants must be authorized to work in the US for any employer without requiring Visa sponsorship.