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The Idea Lab is a small, entrepreneurial team within Magnet Forensics whose mandate is to discover, explore, and validate new business opportunities within the digital forensics and incident response space. 
The projects we work on range from emerging problem statements all the way to user-validated products ready for commercialization. 
We bring to bear the skills of our multi-disciplinary team to move these ideas along, learning as we go. Some ideas aren’t a good fit, while others show promise: we run experiments, build prototypes, and ask a lot of questions so we can have the data necessary to know the difference. 
Magnet’s mission is to positively impact people’s lives by uncovering the truth and empowering others to make a difference. Our team contributes to that mission by ensuring we’re working on the most important challenges in the smartest way possible. 

The impact of your work

    • As a Software Product Developer on the Team your work will:

    • Be generative. You will help define the problem—not just implement its solution. You will come up with practical ways to answer technical questions, explore problem spaces, and start solving problems before having all the information. 
    • Be exploratory. Your experience will help guide our research efforts and decision making. You’ll go broad before you go deep. You’ve learned the value of sharing half-baked ideas with teammates early on. 
    • Be efficient. Sometimes our software will be designed to answer a question, sometimes it will be production-grade and ready for the world; you know the difference and can advocate investing in one area of development over another. 
    • Be inspiring. We share our work often with the people we’re trying to help—getting feedback helps at every stage. Your work will be seen and used by customers regularly, informing not only our work, but the work of other teams and colleagues within Magnet. 
    • Be bold. We work on complex challenges that invite bold and unorthodox approaches. You’re not afraid to suggest something that sounds odd or risky, and you build on the ideas of others.  

    • As a member of the Idea Lab, you have a voice and hand in everything we do. 

What we're looking for in a Team Member

    • Comfortable with change. We often need to quickly change direction based on what we’ve learned—or still need to learn. We can be working on more than one idea at a time, ideas can move forward, or ideas can be shelved. 
    • Curious by nature. As a small team, we share responsibility for many of our activities. Each of us brings our own skill sets, but we look for ways to learn from and help each other. The lines between the activities blur sometimes. 
    • Embraces ambiguity. We deal with challenges that no one else has tackled yet. We make decisions based on the data we have, knowing there are areas of the problem space we just don’t know much about yet. 
    • Open to trying new ways of doing things. We embrace experimentation, look for inspiration in non-traditional spaces, and measure things to see what works. 
    • Able to teach and learn. We learn a lot from stakeholders, but also from each other. We need to be able to talk to different audiences about our work. We explore unfamiliar problem spaces often where it is useful to split up the task of learning. 
    • Understands that perfect is the enemy of good. What is the least amount of work necessary to answer a question? Not all our work is polished, but it should be effective. We try to share early and often. 
    • Cares about their craft. As a small team focused on innovation, we care about and invest in the process as much as the outcome. 
    • Kindness. We are a small team that works closely with each other and the people we’re trying to help. We trust each other to be humble professionals.


    • Post-secondary education (or equivalent practical experience) in engineering, computer science, or a related field 
    • Experience with a general-purpose programming language 
    • Experience with cloud development and operations 
    • Experience with web development 
    • Startup, entrepreneurial, and business-building experience may be an asset 
Magnet Forensics

Our mission is to impact people’s lives by uncovering the truth and empowering others to make a difference. We do this by equipping examiners and investigators with the best digital forensic tools available so they can accomplish their mission: Fighting crime. Protecting company assets. Guarding
national security. 
We build software that automates the recovery of digital forensic evidence, helping thousands of forensic professionals around the world find, analyze, and report on the digital evidence from computers, smartphones, IoT devices, and the cloud. 
Our flagship software, Magnet AXIOM, has revolutionized the work of digital forensic investigators in law enforcement and government agencies, and has been essential in use cases involving child exploitation, murder, terrorism, and more.

Magnet Forensics Inc. is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. It is Magnet Forensics policy to recruit and select applicants for employment solely on the basis of their qualifications, with emphasis on selecting the best-qualified person for the job. Magnet Forensics does not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability or any other status or condition protected by applicable law.
Magnet Forensics encourages applications from all qualified candidates. Magnet Forensics has a great record of accommodating persons with disabilities. Contact our AODA contact at or 519-342-0195, if you need accommodation at any stage of the application process or want more information on our accommodation policies.