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Mahmee is an integrated care delivery platform for maternal and infant health that connects patients, independent health professionals, and enterprise healthcare organizations to increase access to comprehensive care prenatal and postpartum care. Mahmee provides new and expecting parents with an experience differentiated from any other maternity app by offering live support 7 days a week from a dedicated team of seasoned nurses and care coordinators in your corner to proactively screen for health concerns, make referrals to culturally-competent professionals, and assist with navigating social services.

Mahmee's Virtual Registered Nurses support the ongoing obstetrical care and remote patient monitoring programs Mahmee offers (e.g. “Mahmee Gold”) to pregnant and birthing individuals nationwide. This role interfaces on a daily basis with patients, physicians, allied health professionals, and Mahmee's in-house care coordinators to ensure continuity of care and positive health outcomes for all patients in Mahmee's clinical programs.

The goal of this role is to ensure that patients enrolled in perinatal health services through Mahmee receive prompt, comprehensive, and high-quality care such that birth outcomes for this population are better than the national averages across all major categories.

To accomplish this goal, we'll expect you to have considerable knowledge and experience in:

    • Identification and evidence-based treatment of prenatal and postpartum conditions and concerns that may arise during pregnancy, or before, during, and after labor and delivery, including but not limited to: Blood pressure, hypertension/preeclampsia, and other cardiac conditions; Fetal movement, fetal growth and development, and other fetal conditions; Intrauterine complications such as signs of preterm labor, SROM, bleeding, and pain; Gestational diabetes, endocrine disorders, and other diabetic conditions
    • Discussing and creating birth plans, including but not limited to: Normal labor and delivery progression, and standard procedures used in the delivery suite; Labor and delivery expectations versus reality; Considerations and plans for complications, inductions, C-sections, tubal ligations, readmissions, and other procedures; Alternative birth options (out of hospital birth); Roles of healthcare providers caring for obstetric patients and newborns; Early recovery medical concerns for mother and infant and treatment plans
    • Caring for historically marginalized, under-represented and at-risk populations whose clinical, psycho-social, and emotional needs often go unmet during the course of prenatal and postpartum care by the traditional medical establishment

You’re the right person for this job if you can:

    • Confidently communicate and collaborate with other healthcare providers on complex cases, proposed treatment plans, expectations of ongoing care, and documentation/records in the EHR. 
    • Compassionately engage patients in honest discussions about their care and their well-being whether through one-on-one appointments and check-in calls or community experiences such as online classes or support groups.
    • Swiftly decode patients' needs and identify clinical risk using active listening skills in conversation and by reading patient charts, visit summaries, providers' notes, or in-app messages; and then promptly initiating the appropriate care as needed. 

Your responsibilities will include:

    • Regular chart reviews to monitor patients' needs and key health data, and to ensure rapid identification and documentation of areas of concern that require escalation to the providers on their care team
    • Performing virtual appointments, including charting all visit details and assigning relevant treatment plans and other care plan items
    • Performing follow-ups (via message, phone, or video call) directly with both patients and their providers to ensure care is complete and that referral loops are closed
    • Leading support groups, teaching classes, and observing virtual group sessions as assigned

Our Benefits Package

    • Flexible work solutions including remote options, Hybrid work schedules
    • Competitive pay, Paid Time Off, including paid holidays
    • 401k, Health, dental, and vision coverage
About Mahmee
At Mahmee, we’re on a mission to build the digital infrastructure needed to connect patients and providers so that equitable access to comprehensive maternal and infant healthcare becomes a reality for all families. We work with community groups, healthcare organizations, state Medicaid agencies, and insurance companies to ensure that moms and babies across the socioeconomic spectrum have access to care. Mahmee is a Series A company backed by Goldman Sachs, Mark Cuban, Serena Williams, Backstage Capital, MaC Venture Capital, Rest of the Rest Seed Fund, and Muse Capital, among others.

MCH Ventures ("Mahmee") is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Our company will not, under any circumstances, discriminate against an employee with regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, religion, disability, military or veteran status, or other protected characteristics. As such, we aim to provide reasonable accommodation to any employee or qualified applicant with a disability.