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Majority Search invests long-term, committed capital on behalf of America’s leading business families to empower exceptional leaders seeking to buy and grow small companies.

We’re conducting an extremely selective process to identify a few individuals looking to gain responsibility, make an impact, and benefit from the wealth-building potential of business ownership.

If chosen, we will support you by providing all of the resources you need to find, acquire, and grow an exceptional small company. That includes capital, time, expertise, and a world-class network.

If you’ve ever looked at the largest private companies in your region and wanted to dedicate your career to building one for yourself, this is your chance.

Working together – search phase:
Once we partner, you’ll focus all of your time for up to 24 months searching for a business to buy. Along the way, you’ll get our time, advice, network, and best practices in sourcing, structuring, and closing the acquisition of an enduringly profitable small company. While searching for a business to acquire, you will:
·        Research potential companies & industries
·        Manage weekly outreach campaigns using lead databases and marketing software
·        Network and establish relationships with small business owners and intermediaries
·        Conduct due diligence on prospective investments, including managing advisors and leading diligence meetings
·        Prepare investment committee memos outlining investment theses and diligence findings
·        Assist in all aspects of the transaction process, including purchase agreement negotiation

We aim to buy North American service and light manufacturing companies with $1-2 million in earnings, a history of growth, a diverse customer base, and a high proportion of recurring revenues.

Searching for a business that fits these criteria and that can be acquired for a fair price is a full-time job. You’ll spearhead the search, but we’ll equip you with the skills and resources to get it done. We’ll also provide a salary during your search and will cover the costs of finding and evaluating the perfect opportunity.

When the right business is identified, we can provide 100% of the capital required to complete the purchase. The combination of your background and skills, our committed capital base, and no need to seek any outside debt makes you a highly differentiated and attractive buyer and helps to secure a great deal.

Working together – growth phase:
Once we acquire a business, it will be up to you to lead and grow it. You’ll become CEO of the company and a member of its board of directors. As CEO, you will:
·        Oversee all day-to-day operations of the company
·        Craft and execute a strategy for growing the business significantly
·        Monitor key performance indicators and financial metrics
·        Recruit, develop, and retain teammates to create an extremely high-functioning organization
·        Proactively communicate with the board of directors and all levels of the organization
·        Do whatever it takes to make your business grow while upholding sound values

The Upside
Your goal isn’t just to lead the business, but to help it realize its full growth potential. We’ll reward you for your success in pursuing this goal by granting you up to majority ownership in the business you lead based on the growth in free cash flows you achieve over your first five years of operations. Our goal is for you, and every CEO with whom we partner, to own a majority of the business - though even more moderate performance will still be rewarded with a significant ownership stake.

About You
To encourage applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a range of experience, we have few formal requirements.  
If you possess a demonstrated track record of the highest level of professional success, at least one role that has involved managing a team with P&L responsibility or the  equivalent, and the following traits, we’d encourage you to apply: 
·        Integrity
·        Humility
·        Curiosity
·        Drive
·        A service mindset
·        High emotional intelligence

We aim to be the trusted ally that enables you to build your legacy. This takes time, and we’ve structured our firm to allow us to hold investments forever and work with you at every stage of your journey to succeed. This should be your crowning professional achievement. We’ll provide the partnership and resources to help make that happen. Begin your application and let’s get started!