Full Stack Web Instructor

San Francisco
We are looking to hire a Full Stack Web Instructor and Curriculum Engineer to join our diverse instructional team. You’ll be working with a team of 7 instructors and 4 student success staff who teach at and operate our college. You’ll be responsible for teaching courses, iterating on curriculum, coaching students, and influencing the pedagogy of how we operate our college.

We are looking for someone with the following (if you have most but not all of these, we still encourage you to apply):
- 3 or more years of industry experience
- 3 or more shipped products in React, Node.js, or Rails
- Experience working with teams of 5 or larger
- Strong understanding of software development best practices 
- Strong understanding of computer science principles
- Experience teaching, public speaking, coaching or writing tutorials
- Passion for education and working with students

This role will give you a unique opportunity to build the future of higher education. You’ll work with closely with our instructional team along with students and industry partners to design an educational blueprint that we’ll use to grow our college from 50 to 500 students. You’ll have the opportunity to grow with the company by improving your engineering, problem solving, empathy, teaching and communication skills.

You’ll be joining a team of people who are deeply passionate about our mission to make high quality higher education accessible to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. This will be a chapter of your life you’ll always remember. We hope you join us!