User Interface (UI) Designer

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We are looking for a mid-level UI Designer who will work closely with product owners, business stakeholders and developers to create digital interfaces and interactions that are engaging and intuitive for internal and external customers. You will need to have strong visual design, collaboration and copy writing skills. 

As the UI designer, you will design new (and optimise existing) user interfaces across the Mama Money product suite. These include the following:
- Our Family App used by our remittance sending customers (PlayStore, iOS)
- Our Agent App used by our linked agents (PlayStore)
- Our internal customer portal used for managing our customers and transactions

You will work with product owners and business stakeholders, on a daily basis, to gather and evaluate detailed requirements and design complete, engaging visual user interfaces for mobile apps and desktop web applications. 

This role will require you to develop wireframe concepts, mockups and prototypes based on business and user requirements with consistent copy, tailored to our market. You will need to effectively communicate your designs to key stakeholders and developers to ensure features are implemented as intended. 

As part of this role you will also be required to develop and manage standard UI components and style guides for use across the Mama Money Products. You will need to conduct industry research and stay up-to-date on best practices, competitor UI designs and emerging technologies.

What skills and experience you should have:

    • Gathering requirements, understanding processes and iteratively creating solutions
    • Working effectively with cross-functional teams
    • Communicating design processes, ideas and solutions clearly and effectively for interpretation by developers
    • Creating user interfaces for mobile apps and web applications
    • Creating storyboards, screen flows and site mapping
    • Writing design copy tailored to users 
    • Experience using design and prototyping tools (e.g. – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Invision, Figma)
    • Have a thorough understanding of UX and graphic design principles and be able to apply them Innovating and developing out-of-the-box solutions to complex user interaction problems
    • Prioritising and managing multiple projects efficiently
Mama Money is an innovative, rapidly growing tech company and the world’s first Social Business Money Transfer Operator. Formed in 2015, Mama Money was created in order to enable foreign nationals to send money to their home countries at a socially fair price, in the most accessible and efficient way possible. Our business is underpinned by the sentiment that we should leave greed behind us and use the resources we have to make the world a better place. 

Mama's values:
Customer & Community
Positive Mindset

Currently, our customers come to South Africa from all over the world and are able to send money to over 50 countries globally, using a variety of acquisition and payment channels, for fees as low as 1% per transaction. We are now embarking on the exciting journey of expanding our operation to the UK, as well as expanding our product line to incorporate other financial service products that will enable the millions of foreign nationals around the world to partake in the financial ecosystem from which they are often excluded. Mama Money is a self-funded, profitable business that is growing steadily so you can rest assured that you are in secure hands with us!