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Who we are:
Mama Money is a growth-stage fintech startup working to help migrant workers in South Africa send money home. Since 2015 we have been providing reliable remittances, at a socially fair price, to those that need it most. 

Mama HQ is in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. We are 173 people strong (and counting) from 19 countries, across Africa, Asia, UK, and Europe. Our shared mission is to leave greed behind and show that we can use our talents and resources to make the world a better place. Our culture is built around the wellbeing of our team members and making a difference in our communities. “Just be lekker!” personifies our approach to work: we trust the wisdom of our talented and diverse team to do what is best for our customers and get the job done responsibly, without pedantic policies.  

We’ve been around since 2015 and have earned a few accolades along the way, made some new friends, and expanded our reach but we are just getting started. We are self-funded and profitable. Our sustainable business model helps us keep delivering social impact, with the focus being on helping people rather than maximizing profit. 

At Mama Money, we build reliable software for people who really need it. We value this over following trends and using gimmicks but enjoy experimenting to find better ways to do things internally and for our customers. We embrace Agile principles and values but avoid dogmatic practices. We don't take ourselves too seriously but take our work and our customers' needs very seriously.

We are looking for an execution-oriented Product Owner to join us and assist with driving the delivery of cutting-edge products. Initially, this role will be heavily focused on prioritisation, clearing backlog and removing blockers that are blocking delivery. Once you have proven your delivery skills, you will be able to incorporate more strategic elements into your role and work closely with the executive team and department heads to solve problems across the business.

What you will do:

    • Work with senior management across Customer Experience, Marketing, Partnerships, Sales, Finance, Compliance, and Support to prioritise and maintain a pragmatic and  actionable backlog linked to business goals
    • Research and understand the market, competitors, and customers for the key services and channels we offer. This may include competitor research, mystery shopping, working with Customer Experience to do research and gather feedback, and collaborating with partners to test the feasibility for new features Competitor analysis
    • Facilitate requirements gathering and problem solving (both in-person and remotely) with business champions, stakeholders, and customers for signature projects
    • Continuously over-communicate within teams, across teams, and across the business to enable clear and simple understanding of goals, progress, and challenges
    • Provide visibility on expected delivery, including delays, blockers, and dependencies, to align on and manage expectations, and enable predictable delivery and coordination across the business
    • Collaborate cross-functionally with Product Owners, Architects, Tech Leads, Data, Platform/DevOps, and Quality Engineers to coordinate delivery and dependencies
    • Develop practical specifications that effectively translates business problem statements into high-level technical solutions that are actionable by Agile development teams. This includes working with Design on prototypes and wireframes, and developing process flows
    • Work with the Agile Coach to communicate, groom, refine, and plan upcoming sprint work with Agile development teams to enable informed estimation and predictable delivery. This will include delivery on signature projects, maintenance and enhancements, bug fixes, and investigation/R&D for future technical design.
    • Proactively manage delivery by identifying blockers and dependencies both internally and externally, and working with stakeholders or adapting plans to mitigate delivery risk or reduce development waste
    • Coordinate product demos, gather feedback and ideas, and support training and communications for delivery of new products, features, and enhancements to internal stakeholders, partners, and customers
    • Provide  additional support, when required, for services the development team is responsible for
    • Be a product expert for key services and channels the team owns or supports

In order to be successful in this role, you will need:

    • A strong bias to action
    • Comfort and willingness to work in a fast-paced, growing, and changing environment
    • Effective problem solving ability with strong analytical and critical thinking
    • To self-manage and take ownership of your work, with good organizational and time management skills
    • To work effectively with people at all levels in the business
    • Excellent communication skills; able to present complex ideas simply, in writing, visually, and verbally
    • An understanding or ideally proven experience working with Agile delivery
    • An understanding or ideally proven experience applying UX and design best practices
    • Practical judgment, knowing when to adapt or stay committed to a plan, with the ability to make strong recommendations
    • Be a  team player and enjoy building strong relationships in order to establish and maintain collaborative working relationships 
    • An appetite for truly owning the products and processes that you develop and manage follow-through on commitments, living up to verbal and written agreements in a transparent way
Why Mama: 
At Mama Money, the customers & communities1 we serve are at the heart of all that we do. 

We bring our authentic2 selves to work where we are free to express our diverse identities while staying true to what we believe in and how we feel. Part of that means being able to have difficult conversations when necessary but always remembering to do so with trust, respect, and a positive mindset3. Being open to receiving feedback and understanding how this helps us evolve and grow is essential to succeeding in our environment. 

We are responsible4 for ourselves, our behaviour, our delivery, and our output. Although we always aim to move things forward and get $hit done, we start small - taking it step by step and always look for ways in which we can improve. We know from experience that when we work together5 towards a common goal, we can achieve anything. 

Mama Money is a special place because we care. We care about our customers, we care about the people who work for us and we care about the impact our work has on the world. There are things that we don’t care about too. Things like bureaucracy, discrimination, ego, titles, and silos. We’re a friendly bunch who don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do take our work, and our customers’ hard-earned money, very seriously. 

Mama’s values: 
1. Customer & Community 
2. Authentic 
3. Positive Mindset 
4. Responsible 
5. Togetherness