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Who we are:
Mama Money is a growth-stage fintech startup working to help migrant workers in South Africa send money home. Since 2015 we have been providing reliable remittances, at a socially fair price, to those that need it most. 

Mama HQ is in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. We are 173 people strong (and counting) from 19 countries, across Africa, Asia, UK, and Europe. Our shared mission is to leave greed behind and show that we can use our talents and resources to make the world a better place. Our culture is built around the wellbeing of our team members and making a difference in our communities. “Just be lekker!” personifies our approach to work: we trust the wisdom of our talented and diverse team to do what is best for our customers and get the job done responsibly, without pedantic policies.  

We’ve been around since 2015 and have earned a few accolades along the way, made some new friends, and expanded our reach but we are just getting started. We are self-funded and profitable. Our sustainable business model helps us keep delivering social impact, with the focus being on helping people rather than maximizing profit. 

We are looking for a strategic Commercial Manager to join us at Mama Money. The scope of this role is broad and includes sales planning, target setting, reporting, management, sales process optimization, sales program implementation, identification and recruitment of sales force talent, and administration. The National Sales Manager is responsible for the overall productivity and effectiveness of the sales teams and reports directly to the Chief Growth Officer.

What you will be doing:

    • Together with the Chief Growth Officer, you will develop and implement strategic sales plans and forecasts in order to achieve company sales objectives for products and services across all corridors for our agent base. 
    • Analyse and engage with data to drive the execution of the sales strategy whilst measuring the impact of sales initiatives.
    • Through thorough analysis, conceptualize complex solutions along with business case inputs to gain buy in from the Executive team on new initiatives. 
    • Communicate with the wider Executive and Senior Management team on all sales related strategies.
    • Work with the various corridor managers and provincial managers to flawlessly execute the sales and growth strategy. 
    • Achieve monthly sales targets by region, by corridor and by product line. Sales targets include but are not limited to; registrations, activations, first-time transactions, second-time transactions, total transactions value and volume.
    • Working with the Agent Support Manager to proactively coordinating nationwide sales initiatives on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, collaborating with Corridor Managers, Mega Agents, Super Agents and Agents (ie. field agents).
    • Grow the agent network by region and by corridor, through ongoing recruitment initiatives and drives, ensuring agent network growth is aligned to company targets. 
    • Together with the Agent Training and Support Manager, set and manage Mega Agent, Super Agents and Agents monthly sales targets, forecasts and plans whilst ensuring that the sales team execute accordingly to achieve overall targets.
    • Analyze, review and realign executed monthly strategies to ensure ongoing learning and adaptation to market trends and customer needs.
    • Assist the Marketing team in monitoring competitor products, sales and marketing activities. Align Marketing campaigns with sales strategies. 
    • Together with the Sales Admin Support team manage applications analyzing the performance of agents, drafting performance management plans, processing applications and assisting in the off-boarding of poorly performing or defaulting agents.

What skills and experience you should have:

    • Strong quantitative & analytical skills; able to use data to optimize day-to-day performance, execution of the sales strategy and the ability to adjust focus based on data outcomes. You are able to leverage data outputs and communicate using data to improve performance, achieve KPIs and help drive Mama’s strategic objectives. 
    • Demonstrated ability to think strategically about the business, product, and technical challenges, with the ability to build and convey compelling value propositions. 
    • 5 years’ experience developing, growing and managing a an field distribution network, agent-based distribution, FMCG or retail distribution in South Africa.
    • High emotional intelligence - you have genuine empathy for others, and maximise your impact through understanding the motivations of your team and adapting your approach accordingly. 
    • Is a positive change agent. You have a track record of leading and empowering groups towards driving meaningful and sustainable growth, whilst navigating change and simultaneously helping your team to grow and achieve their highest potential. 
    • Understanding of the diaspora market and the influences that drive customer loyalty. 
    • Strong leadership experience in managing regional sales managers. Great people management, coaching and development skills. 
    • Outstanding communication, brainstorming and collaboration skills with an obsessive attention to detail.
    • Demonstrates a structured and methodical way of working, with the ability to cope with competing demands and effectively prioritize tasks.
    • Excellent interpersonal, communication, leadership and negotiation skills.
    • A bias for action and can get things done
    • Has a commitment for “overachievement” - you have a never quit attitude, with high levels of resilience, agility and buy in to overachieve regardless of challenges you may face. 
Why Mama: 
At Mama Money, the customers & communities1 we serve are at the heart of all that we do. 

We bring our authentic2 selves to work where we are free to express our diverse identities while staying true to what we believe in and how we feel. Part of that means being able to have difficult conversations when necessary but always remembering to do so with trust, respect, and a positive mindset3. Being open to receiving feedback and understanding how this helps us evolve and grow is essential to succeeding in our environment. 

We are responsible4 for ourselves, our behaviour, our delivery, and our output. Although we always aim to move things forward and get $hit done, we start small - taking it step by step and always look for ways in which we can improve. We know from experience that when we work together5 towards a common goal, we can achieve anything. 

Mama Money is a special place because we care. We care about our customers, we care about the people who work for us and we care about the impact our work has on the world. There are things that we don’t care about too. Things like bureaucracy, discrimination, ego, titles, and silos. We’re a friendly bunch who don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do take our work, and our customers’ hard-earned money, very seriously. 

Mama’s values: 
1. Customer & Community 
2. Authentic 
3. Positive Mindset 
4. Responsible 
5. Togetherness