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Who we are:
Mama Money is a growth-stage fintech startup working to help migrant workers in South Africa send money home. Since 2015 we have been providing reliable remittances, at a socially fair price, to those that need it most. 

Mama HQ is in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. We are 173 people strong (and counting) from 19 countries, across Africa, Asia, UK, and Europe. Our shared mission is to leave greed behind and show that we can use our talents and resources to make the world a better place. Our culture is built around the wellbeing of our team members and making a difference in our communities. “Just be lekker!” personifies our approach to work: we trust the wisdom of our talented and diverse team to do what is best for our customers and get the job done responsibly, without pedantic policies.  

We’ve been around since 2015 and have earned a few accolades along the way, made some new friends, and expanded our reach but we are just getting started. We are self-funded and profitable. Our sustainable business model helps us keep delivering social impact, with the focus being on helping people rather than maximizing profit. 

In order for us to continue to grow we need a solid foundation and that includes a strong understanding of our customers, our growth channels, and our churn. The Data Lead will be instrumental in building and growing this function which is key to our success, especially in terms of understanding our acquisition, our retention, and our churn. Ultimately, we would like to understand why customers join Mama Money, how can we drive more acquisitions and how can we ensure that everyone stays for as long as possible.

As our Data Lead you will:

    • Lead, manage and coach a cross-functional data team (currently consists of 1x BI analyst / 1 x Data Scientist), working alongside our product and development teams.
    • Build, prioritize and deliver on the data roadmap in collaboration with all stakeholders especially growth, marketing, sales, and customer experience.
    • Be the owner of our customer acquisition, retention, and churn data across our multiple channels and systems.
    • Be a thought partner for our growth functions (sales, marketing, customer experience) on customer acquisition and churn and act as a central point of contact for all related queries.
    • Manage capacity in the team to ensure the right trade-off between short term queries, support vs. long term analysis, including advising on required hiring for the department to support our objectives
    • Support the effort to create a data-driven culture and empower the key business owners to become self-sufficient on basic data problems.
    • Ensure Mama Money has the right tools, policies, and processes for data management, visualization, analysis etc.
    • Have a lot of fun! :) 

In your first 90 days at Mama Money you will:

    • Build a first roadmap in partnership with key business stakeholders (growth, sales, marketing, customer experience)
    • Prioritize the delivery of our data team in terms of dashboards, analysis and modelling.
    • Support as a thought partner the data engineering team to carry on building our data lake

About you:

    • You are currently leading and growing a data function or have experience doing so in the past 
    • You have an excellent understanding of customer data (acquisition, churn etc.) on digital and physical channels
    • You have a deep understanding and experience with BI and Data Analysis methodologies.
    • You have outstanding communication, presentation, and leadership skills
    • You have experience working with BI tools such as Tableau (our current tool of choice) or similar 
    • You enjoy working with cross-functional teams to deliver a common goal 
    • You have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy building relationships 

It would be a bonus if:

    • You have worked within the fintech space or at a rapidly scaling startup 

Some of the people you’ll work closely with are:


    • Unlimited Leave with a 20-day minimum requirement for each annual leave cycle 
    • Flexible working hours 
    • Remote work (most of our teams are working remotely due to Covid-19 and we are constantly educating ourselves on remote work best practices to ensure this is a comfortable and effective way of working for everyone) 
    • Weekly exercise classes*,
    • Fully stocked kitchen to make your own breakfast *
    • Healthy Lunches 
    • Fruit and team snacks *, and 
    • An awesome office vibe. *
    • ICAS: We offer a holistic wellness employment program that is available for you and your family to assist with trauma, loss, personal and work issues, and advice on your legal, family, and financial issues through face-to-face* and telephonic counseling.
    • Learning + Development: Opportunities to attend training, workshops, or conferences.
    • * Available when working from the office.
Why Mama: 
At Mama Money, the customers & communities1 we serve are at the heart of all that we do. 

We bring our authentic2 selves to work where we are free to express our diverse identities while staying true to what we believe in and how we feel. Part of that means being able to have difficult conversations when necessary but always remembering to do so with trust, respect, and a positive mindset3. Being open to receiving feedback and understanding how this helps us evolve and grow is essential to succeeding in our environment. 

We are responsible4 for ourselves, our behaviour, our delivery, and our output. Although we always aim to move things forward and get $hit done, we start small - taking it step by step and always look for ways in which we can improve. We know from experience that when we work together5 towards a common goal, we can achieve anything. 

Mama Money is a special place because we care. We care about our customers, we care about the people who work for us and we care about the impact our work has on the world. There are things that we don’t care about too. Things like bureaucracy, discrimination, ego, titles, and silos. We’re a friendly bunch who don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do take our work, and our customers’ hard-earned money, very seriously. 

Mama’s values: 
1. Customer & Community 
2. Authentic 
3. Positive Mindset 
4. Responsible 
5. Togetherness