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Mambu is the leading SaaS core banking engine. If you’re a customer of the largest digital bank in the EU, then you’ve probably interacted with our platform and didn't even know it. We are at the heart of what makes digital banks and lenders work - the system that processes banking transactions and updates accounts and other financial records from deposits to loans and credit balances. But Mambu is different.  We are not just cloud-native, lean and flexible - we are helping to revolutionise financial services globally. We are in a growth phase and we’ve only just begun.
To help us on our mission, we bring together people with the best skills and attitude. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what matters is the impact you have and your passion to make a difference.
We are looking for a passionate, skilled and enthusiastic CI/CD Engineer to join our team. As a CI/CD Engineer you will build, operate and improve Mambu release pipelines from code commit till the code is executed in production. You will cooperate with engineering teams on building, testing and deploying their services to production and actively promote improvements and streamlining of the pipelines.

You will:

    • Continuously improve delivery pipelines by:
    • Defining and implementing processes of delivering changes to production for all Mambu capabilities;
    • Monitoring and providing useful reporting for these processes;
    • Standardising the ways we release Mambu applications by establishing the same steps for all services (e.g., Checkmarx, sonarqube, etc.);Ensuring commits can go to production deterministically and with no human interaction.
    • Own and operate infrastructure powering CI/CD pipelines by:
    • Operating all infrastructure required for code integration, testing and deployment;
    • Keeping all infrastructure and services up-to-date and secure (e.g gitlab, Checkmarx, Nexus, etc.);
    • Working with development teams to introduce new and improving usage of existing tools.
    • Configure and monitor applications’ deployment by:
    • Enabling teams to autonomously have safe deployments to production;
    • Defining deployment strategies for their applications;
    • Automating world-wide rollout of code changes;Automating problem detection and rollback when needed;

You need to have:

    • Solid knowledge of public cloud services;
    • Strong experience with continuous integration, testing and deployments;Software development and testing skills (Java, Python, Go, etc);
    • Experience with running applications required for CI/CD pipelines;
    • Continuous deployment strategies (blue/green, canary);Knowledge of process management and monitoring;
    • Experience with managing applications on Kubernetes;
    • Experience with application monitoring and alerting on scale;
    • Understanding of cloud native applications and distributed systems;
    • Strong communication, organisational and problem-solving skills.
Why Mambu?

Mambu has over 250+ live deployments, helping to revolutionise financial services in more than 46 countries globally, and we're just getting started;
We understand nothing ensures our customers' success more than a happy team, so Mambu is built on a culture of trust and a sense of ownership in everything we do;

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