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Man Crates is looking for a Director of Engineering to take over responsibility of and its fulfillment systems. The most highly-qualified candidates will not only have very strong technical skills in Ruby-on-Rails, but will also have the seasoned managerial prowess required to interface well with the leadership team. Significant e-commerce experience is required as we will expect the candidate to understand the intricacies of online sales of physical goods immediately. Expect technical architecture design, team hiring, team planning, and cross- functional coordination activities to be among the most common daily activities for this role.

As a gifting company we have huge increases in seasonal traffic and, as such, uptime in season is critical to the business’s continued success. The final responsibility for site uptime, performance, reliability, and accessibility reside with this individual and individuals with a track record of success running proprietary Ruby-on-Rails systems with annual revenue’s larger than $100M are highly preferred.

About Man Crates

Man Crates is an established business, maniacally focused on creating awesome gifts for men. For over nine years we have been building amazing products that provide unforgettable experiences for gifters and the men in their lives. We sell online through our own e-commerce site as well as through other channels.  Over 70% of our customers are women and we operate in the US and International markets.    

Man Crates has a family friendly work environment, competitive salaries, great perks, and aggressive growth goals.  There’s plenty of room for you to succeed and to grow with us.   

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    • 5+ years of experience leading Ruby/Rails engineering teams
    • Experience leading remote, distributed teams of software engineers
    • Mastery of software engineering principles in databases, site reliability, system design and performance of both backend and frontend systems
    • Experience running websites with many millions in online credit card revenue
    • Senior software engineering programming proficiency level in Ruby/Rails (for intermittent coding and good insight into system design and development of team)
    • Firm understanding of challenges faced by e-commerce companies


    • System reliability and performance especially during peak sales periods
    • Team hiring, retention, and growth for the new and existing engineers
    • Architectural designing of modular monolithic systems in Ruby/Rails
    • Triage, planning, and coordination with other departments on feature development
    • Application and recommendation of best practices appropriate for the business
    • Visionary leadership for future of technology platform