Modern Hebrew Content Editor and Linguistic Data Analyst (Remote Independent Contractor)

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Mango Languages is looking for a remote Independent Contractor who can research, grammatically analyze and edit online content for our Modern Hebrew course. In this unique role, you’ll collaborate with our team of experts to bring a Mango learning experience to life. 

You’ll be working with other Mango team members on interesting, engaging, and informative texts that will improve our learners’ reading skills and, more generally, language knowledge, and help them achieve their language-learning goals. You will grammatically analyze the words and phrases in the texts based on Universal Dependencies. We will also count on you to provide grammar and cultural notes that will enrich our learners’ knowledge and understanding. Finally, you will also be checking the vowelized versions of the texts for accuracy. It is mandatory to have a thorough understanding of the grammar of your native language.

Just like you, we settle for nothing less than the best. Together, we’ll work to ensure that the quality of the work is truly exceptional, that we create clear, pleasant, and enjoyable content that speaks to our learners’ needs and increases engagement with our brand.

Are you up for a fast-paced, rewarding project that helps promote language and culture learning the world over? Then we can’t wait to hear from you!

Job Requirements

    • Native Hebrew speaker. For this position, we specifically need a native speaker who has a mastery of their native language and a thorough understanding of grammar, idiomatic expressions, and dialectal differences.
    • Fluent in English. The posts will be created for English speakers. Full understanding and fluency of the English language and its grammar are needed in order for the posts to be clear and to the point, and for coordinating and communicating with team members and project managers.
    • Bachelor's Degree or higher required in either of the following: Modern Hebrew Language/Literature or Language Teaching.
    • Experience teaching Modern Hebrew grammar or writing blog posts on grammar, answering grammar questions online, or any related skills/experience.
    • Excellent command of vowelization.
    • Expert use of search engines for conducting basic research
    • Good writing skills
    • Flexible schedule.
    • Reliable internet connection and a technical understanding of collaborative online tools. All work will be done remotely and online.
    • Excellent time management and communication skills.
    • Must work well in a team.
    • Must love language, culture, and learning — we all do!

How to Apply

    • Submit your resume outlining your experience and qualifications as they relate to the job description. Let us know why this is the perfect opportunity for you!
    • Submit a brief video, no more than two minutes, introducing yourself and highlighting experience relevant to the role. You can think of it as your cover letter in which you explain how your experience relates to the job. You can paste the completed video link in the space provided below, include the URL in your resume or cover letter, or email your video to The video may be done using any platform or technology.
    • In order to highlight your grammar understanding and expertise with vowelized texts, please answer the following questions, either by adding a link to a public document or by writing the answers under "Additional Information" in the application form: 

    • 1. What is the vowelized version of the sentence: 

    •  כל הכבוד! דיברת יפה מאוד בוועידה אמש

    • 2. Correct the vowel mistakes in this sentence:

    • הֲנָסַיִךְ הִקָּטֵן הֲוָא סַפֵּרוּ הֹמָּפִרֵסֱם בְּיוֹתֵר שֶׁל הַסּוֹפֵר הִצְרַפְתִּי אַנְטוּאָן דֶּה סֵנְט־אֶכְזוֹפְּרִי, שֶׁכָּתַב אוֹתוֹ, כְּכָל הֲנָרְאֶה, בִּעֵת שֶׁהַוָּתוֹ בְּמֻלְוָן בִּנְיוּ יוּרַק

    • 3. Write in Hebrew with vowels the name Giannis Antetokumbo

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