Data Scientist

Farmington Hills
The Data Scientist at Mango Languages is responsible for ensuring the efficient flow of information and technology to various departments and stakeholders. By properly implementing systems and automating processes, this individual will take on the responsibility for data integrity at the company.  In this role, you will determine the correct data sets and variables, collect large sets of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources, and identify the data-analytics problems that offer the greatest opportunities to the organization. Cleaning and validating the data to ensure accuracy, completeness, and uniformity as well as interpreting the data to discover solutions and opportunities are essential to this role.  While accessing and aggregating data from various systems, you’ll be continually identifying opportunities to improve efficiency. The Data Scientist provides intelligent data and reports to the various company departments in order to understand and address business challenges.

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    • Analyze data and determine how it can be applied to improve the product and/or business decisions.
    • Search for patterns in data that can provide solutions to business problems or create new business opportunities.
    • Set-up processes for collecting vast amounts of data.
    • Use technical skills to conduct experiments and analyze trends in collected data.
    • Guide data science strategy for the organization.
    • Implement and automate processes.
    • Advise various teams in the application of information and best practices.
    • Access data and integrate data into company systems.   
    • Strategically generate KPI’s and automate tracking.
    • Partner with various teams to identify key information gaps and respective data needs.
    • Identify, document, and maintain data sources for high-quality market intelligence.
    • Determine, implement, and evaluate business metrics.
    • Demonstrate up-to-date expertise in information systems.
    • Clearly and effectively communicate findings to company leaders.
    • Ensure data integrity.

Job Requirements

    • 5+ years experience working on large-scale projects, as well as handling day-to-day operational requests
    • Experience working with statistical/analysis tools
    • Ability to multitask effectively
    • Excellent team-building and communication skills
    • Proficient in architecting data warehouses with technologies such as SQL, Redshift
    • Experience with technologies such as Hadoop, Pandas, Julia, R, Python, etc.
    • Management experience
    • Experience building analytics platforms

Key Characteristics

    • Detail-oriented
    • Technical understanding
    • Clear and effective communicator
    • Proactive
    • Demonstrates integrity
    • Transparent communication skills
    • Positive mindset
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