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Mango Languages is seeking a Linguist with exceptional grammatical knowledge. The Linguist will be responsible for supporting the department’s activities and Mango Languages' growth by working with Linguists and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create high-quality content for language learners. This role involves leading content development efforts, ensuring quality standards, and coordinating various aspects of course and material creation.

The contract for this position is tied to a specific project and will therefore last through project completion (likely 6 months). Contract extensions and/or conversion to employee status are a possibility if the project is extended and collaboration is successful. Therefore, we are only able to accept US based contractors at this time as we are unequipped to be able to sponsor employees outside of the United States.


    • Lead content development efforts by working with multiple teams of subject matter experts simultaneously to build instructional content
    • Craft engaging, culturally rich texts for language learners on a wide range of topics
    • Manage annotation teams to ensure precise grammatical tagging of text content
    • Collaborate on a content strategy and adhere to a content release calendar
    • Plan and organize work so that teams keep project timelines
    • Collaborate closely with computational linguists and other content linguists to push the project toward the desired goal
    • Ensure that content adheres to Mango Languages’ high quality standards
    • Communicate effectively so that all teams understand expectations
    • Assist in recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding content development team members
    • Maintain organized documentation
    • Attend and participate in regular team meetings

Job Requirements

    • Degree in Linguistics (Master’s or PhD preferred)
    • Must have broad linguistic knowledge of languages from different families
    • Strong knowledge of grammar
    • Experience developing language learning content
    • Proven SME team management skills
    • Affinity for Computational Linguistics
    • Openness to learning new technology
    • Track record of keeping deadlines
    • Reliable internet connection


    • Linguistic familiarity with Hebrew preferred
    • Linguistic familiarity with Mandarin and Japanese a bonus
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