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The Marcus Graham Project, a network of advertising, media, marketing & entertainment  professionals is looking for a dynamic group for the Summer 2024 Cohort of our flagship immersive iCR8 Boot Camp program in Los Angeles, CA. 

The boot camp’s primary purpose is to provide diverse aspirants in the field of advertising & marketing with the exposure and experience necessary to solidify careers within the advertising, media & marketing industry.  The boot camp team will form themselves into a pop-up agency that they will run for the fall, as they manage the clients that they will partner with. 

Each year, the selected team provides consultancy for a select non-profit organization or minority owned business, as well as some of the globe's biggest brands.

Candidates must possess a general knowledge of internet/mainstream marketing, fashion, music & popular culture, as well as exhibit creative spirit and strong communication/organizational skills.  You must be willing to learn an extreme amount of valuable information in a short period of time. To determine semi-finalists, application materials will be reviewed by members of the Marcus Graham Project leadership team, our board of directors and partner organizations. All semi‐finalists will be interviewed via telephone by an MGP member. After reviewing applications and interview evaluations, finalists will be selected and interviewed.  Please note that we will also be taking applications from individuals that have transferable experience, but may not have completed a formal post-secondary education. 

The following are descriptions of the departments that team members will gain experience in and how many approximate team members per department we are looking to bring on. 

The brand management department oversees the advertising business that has been assigned to the agency and is ultimately responsible for the quality of service the client receives. An effective brand management team develops a thorough knowledge of the client’s business, acts as a liaison between the client and the agency staff, and ensures the final product is profitable and effective. Brand managers should have strong general‐business, marketing, communications, leadership and organizational skills. 

The project manager is the communications hub between all agency team members and agency partners that may touch an assigned account or project. The project manager ensures that proper forecasting is being done for all projects on assigned accounts. The project manager must be accountable for each step of the creative development process, proactively guide projects through the internal system, manage schedules and budgets, and work with the creative services manager to manage and plan creative and account resources. The project manager must also keep detailed records of the life of a project and share information with team members as necessary. Candidates should have strong organizational skills, the ability to multitask and have good follow through.

The creative department is responsible for developing the ideas, images, and copy that initiate ads. While many people in the agency contribute to the process, the creation and production of advertising is mainly the responsibility of copy writers and art directors. A successful copy writer not only has outstanding writing skills, but also has a passion for words and symbols and their use in communication. In addition, some knowledge of marketing and how words and visuals are used in advertising is required. Proficiency in writing for social media and digital platforms is preferred. 

Responsible for the development and execution of creative concepts for leading edge marketing and digital solutions.  Art Directors have strong visual‐concept skills and good, basic drawing and design abilities. Candidates should have strong digital design skills, good visual imagination, and an interest in applying that ability to tackling marketing and advertising problems.  Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator required.

Responsible for bringing the creative vision to life through animation, video editing and motion graphics. Video/Content Producers partner with Creative and Social Strategy to create long and short form visual content across social media platforms and digital experience. Video/Content Producers possess strong graphic design sensibilities, strong conceptual skills and aesthetic, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Brand Strategist is responsible for directing and managing the day‐to‐day relationship of consumer strategy and planning. The Brand Strategist analyzes detailed data such as demographics, socioeconomics and the market for the client's product along with information such as market share to achieve a comprehensive background, which will inform the advertising strategy. Reviewing research is required to inform the strategy using both qualitative methods such as focus group discussions and structured interviews and quantitative methods such as demographic profiling and questionnaires. The Brand Strategist monitors cultural and social trends to gauge their impact on consumers' attitudes, behavior and perceptions, using a variety of data. The Brand Strategist frequently meets with the client to learn the background of the brand, and advise the client on possible approaches or adaptation of approach to the target market. Candidates should have strong observational skills and the ability to conceptualize and think strategically. 

Responsible for developing and managing a brand's social media presence across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. Stays well-informed of changes in the social media landscape, including tools and practices that will help brands maintain relevance. Collaborates with strategy and creative teams to effectively implement insights to enhance content and media decisions and communicate platform technical updates.

Application Steps Timeline

    • Applicants MUST complete the boot camp application and submit with one (1) academic or professional letter of recommendation, :30 Pitch Video, resume, and portfolio of prior work. If all elements are not submitted, your application will NOT be processed.  
    • May 10th | Final Applications must be received by 12:00 pm PT
    • May 13th - May 15th | Applicants notified of selection and interviews scheduled
    • May 16th - May 23rd | Boot Camp Interviews
    • May 28th | iCR8 Boot Camp Finalists announced
    • Week of June 3rd, 2024 | iCR8 Summer Boot Camp 2024 begins

    • *Note: Dates subject to change