VP Business Development & Clinical Implementation

Boston, MA
Business Development
We’re looking for a business development & implementation lead: a cross-functional operator who will work hand-in-hand with our CEO to ensure early deployments are successful, while communicating the value of our novel approach to payors and providers. Marigold Health exists to give every patient with a mental health or substance use condition (~25% of all American adults) a place to feel heard.

The product is a mobile platform for chat-based support groups with a natural language processing (NLP) backend that automatically detects and visualizes clinically-relevant sentiment within messages to inform providers. We sell directly to provider systems and payors so the most underserved patients can get 24/7, culturally-competent support at no cost. Our NLP gives clinicians a 7-10x gain in patient capacity - allowing them the bandwidth to scale to the true magnitude of the mental health crisis.

The current team has roots in Johns Hopkins, and the clinical merit of our work has been recognized by organizations ranging from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to the American Psychiatric Association. We recently closed a seed round with top-tier VCs such as Felicis Ventures, General Catalyst, and Rock Health. We're already working with a range of providers, from a community mental health center to a nationally-recognized psychiatric facility.

We’re seeking someone process-driven & creative to join our founding team FT.     
Expect a primary focus on in-the-trenches implementation: structuring early deals and iterating on rollout strategy directly with participating providers, with a significant secondary role in business development, where you'd leverage your experience in managed behavioral health to position Marigold in the broader market and clinical landscape.

Our Boston HQ has 3 working FT, with additional team members distributed. We value empathy, creativity, independent thinking, diversity, candor, and ambition.

What You'll Do

    • This role is highly cross-functional: work directly with the CEO on key tasks across multiple domains from implementation, to business development, and operations
    • Own the "sale after the sale" by assessing and improving readiness with our early provider partners to ensure success at pilot sites
    • Investigate, qualify, and prioritize opportunities within distinct market segments, systematically generating highly-qualified leads
    • Identify specific policy incentives in different markets to accelerate adoption
    • Architect a capital-efficient outbound marketing process to accurately position a unique product
    • Operationalize learning from early deployments to lay the foundation for a dedicated customer success and implementation team
    • Lay the groundwork and structure the collateral for a dedicated sales team

Your Skills:

    • 3-6 years of experience in managed behavioral heath
    • Strongly preferred: Background or training as a behavioral health clinician
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • An understanding of project management and how that translates to a consultative sales approach
    • An ability to rapidly experiment with anything  (outbound marketing strategies, provider + patient engagement tactics, etc.)
    • Preferred: 1+ years experience within an early-stage startup

Who You Are

    • A people person
    • You understand the current behavioral health landscape backwards and forwards
    • Motivated by our mission to give every patient with a mental health condition a unique voice
    • You seize the initiative and thrive in an unstructured environment
    • Time is our most precious resource and perfect isn’t always possible: you’re adept at triaging, prioritizing, and iterating
    • Ruthless in challenging assumptions when strategizing but act with conviction
    • Learn quickly and take pride in understanding the trade-offs your teammates face in their roles, as well as the larger implications of your own work
    • You know how to glean insights, test hypotheses, and demonstrate results with limited resources

What's In It for You

    • Save lives by bringing support to those who would’ve never otherwise sought treatment
    • Shape the organizational culture of a mission-driven team in its early days
    • Work in a highly cross-functional role within a rapidly-growing startup, with significant influence in business development, hiring, and customer success
    • Meaningful equity as part of the founding team
    • Competitive salary + perks + commissions including generous mental health benefits
    • Learn best practices from world-class investors and advisors

Inclusion is at the core of what we do. We’re working to bring care to the most underserved and stigmatized patients. We actively welcome applicants from a wealth of different backgrounds (including but not limited to race, gender, educational background and sexual orientation). We encourage candidates with disabilities to apply. Unless we have diversity on our team and in our mindsets as we work together to move the needle on a deeply-entrenched, systematic issue, we will fail. Marigold Health is an equal opportunity employer.
Questions? Email shrenik [AT] marigoldhealth.com for more info.