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We’re looking for a certified peer specialist or recovery coach to implement & refine a new model for peer recovery support by moderating online chat support groups. 

Marigold Health exists to give every patient with a mental health or substance use condition (~25% of American adults) a place to feel heard. Achieving this mission means creating a space for recovery where the most vulnerable can share, and we believe text-based groups have tremendous potential to reach those  least likely to engage with current forms of support: text allows people to share anonymously, reach out at a time and place of their choosing, and compose messages without the pressure of another person in front of them. 

We also believe that there is no such thing as one size fits all - any platform for online support groups must support multiple pathways to recovery and complement the efforts of existing treatment providers.

 Our core offering is a mobile app that allows those in outpatient substance use treatment to text a support group 24/7. The app is integrated with unique sentiment analysis technology, which can automatically flag concerning messages for care teams within providers. Members on the app are anonymous to each other, but not to their treatment provider (our customer), who refer them to the app. While our Recovery Community Moderators engage members in different support- or educational groups in-app, existing staff use Marigold to 1-1 message clients, share resources, and more.

We're an early-stage startup in a period of rapid growth - from launching at our first clinic last summer, we’re now live at over 20 sites in New England. Our company was originally founded by a team out of Johns Hopkins, and the potential of our new approach has been recognized with funding from organizations ranging from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to MA Health Policy Commission. 

This role has two major parts: 1) working closely with our Clinical Strategy Lead (MSW/MPH) and Chief Data Scientist to design different group activities for members in-app & 2) get rapid feedback by trying these activities in groups you moderate on our platform, filled with clients from our current provider customers. 

Our Boston HQ normally has 9 working FT, with some other team members distributed, though we’re all working from home for now.

This role is a contract for 10-20 hours per week, and the current COVID-19 crisis means we are looking to fill these position(s) rapidly. The duties of this position can be performed fully remotely. There is potential for significant growth in hours and responsibilities with high performance over the next three months.  This is a unique role for an experienced peer - we're looking for someone willing to experiment, and build something new as part of a startup.

We value authenticity, candor, and ambition.

Responsibilities (What You'll Do)

    • Actively moderate different group chats by welcoming new members, hosting structured discussions via text, and participating in conversations as appropriate
    • Collaboratively develop potential group activities & resources by drawing on your lived experience as well as the expressed needs from client staff
    • Interface with client staff to gather + digitize existing resources to be shared in-app and hand-off relevant member alerts
    • Track & engage individual members to aid them in accomplishing their stated recovery goals, resolve requests for technical support, and collect feedback on the Marigold experience
    • Serve as the voice for member experience within our larger product & data science team, and play a role in larger platform management (e.g. deciding what types of groups to launch)

Requirements (What You Need )

    • Certified MA Recovery Coach or Peer Specialist with at least 6 months of experience working under a supervisor
    • Stellar written communication skills, especially in short-form, to quickly draft empathetic messages to members, and communicate professionally with client staff
    • Exceptional oral communication and presentation skills, to share the results of your work with clients or the rest of Team Marigold  
    • Comfort with technology + online messaging demonstrated by activity in existing online recovery communities, or other social networks (we will provide training on using our systems)
    • A non-judgmental philosophy that acknowledges medication-assisted treatment as a viable path to recovery 
    • Able to work collaboratively + efficiently on a laptop computer using tools such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word etc.), GSuite (Sheets, Docs, Slides etc.) and Slack 
    • Willing to model transparency for members by speaking to your own personal recovery journey (this requires you to be a person in long-term recovery)
    • Experience setting appropriate boundaries + regularly practicing self care
    • Extremely organized, and able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances with flexibility 
    • Strong intrapersonal and facilitation skills to conduct virtual group activities
    • Able to provide accurate feedback without judgment or discomfort
    • Access to a reliable internet connection + the ability to operate an Android or iOS smartphone
    • Preferred: Fluency in Spanish
Inclusion is at the core of what we do. We’re working to bring care to the most underserved and stigmatized patients. We actively welcome applicants from a wealth of different backgrounds (including but not limited to race, gender, educational background, and sexual orientation). Unless we have diversity on our team and in our mindsets as we work together to move the needle on a deeply entrenched, systematic issue, we will fail.
Marigold Health is an equal opportunity employer.

Questions? Email shrenik [AT] for more info.