Electronics Engineer

Menlo Park

Matternet is seeking an experienced full-time electronics engineer to design, build, and test electronics and robotics systems for our UAVs and ground support equipment. Interesting challenges include developing sensor processing hardware and Smart Batteries.  The ideal candidate would have experience with electronics design and debug, industrial control and robotics, and some embedded coding experience.


    • 6+ years industry experience
    • Board design experience: schematic entry, design for manufacturability, component selection, design for EMI/RFI and signal integrity
    • Board bringup and debugging, troubleshooting/diagnostic skills
    • Experience with industrial motion control systems - PLCs and motor controllers
    • Familiarity with test equipment: scope, logic analyzer, debug port, emulator
    • UAV/RC or aviation experience preferred but not necessary
    • Experience with battery chargers/balancers, power electronics
    • Familiarity with I2C, SPI, UART, Bluetooth, ZigBee, MIPI.

About Matternet
Matternet is the leading developer of autonomous drone logistics systems. The company’s complete solution for automated aerial logistics enables customers to implement and grow modular networks of any size at the scale of their needs. Matternet has partnerships with some of the world’s most trusted organizations including Mercedes-Benz Vans, Swiss Post, Swiss WorldCargo, UNICEF, World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders. For more information about Matternet, please visit: https://mttr.net