Associate UX Director

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Associate UX Director --- Shoreditch global digital agency

Like all our UX, your responsibility is to the user. You will empathize with and thoroughly understand the goals, desires and preferences of the target users. You’ll use this knowledge to

inform concepts and innovative solutions across one to two projects. You will be a leader in the UX group and expected to mentor junior UX and educate fellow team members and clients on the opportunity and value of UX. You will contribute to the UX practice at this digital product design agency and evolve the discipline to meet the needs our of projects. You are responsible for shepherding work through the process; specifically, identifying the needed deliverables, estimating effort, ensuring collaboration across disciplines and approvals from internal and external stakeholders. And as a leader, you will be part of the work process, crafting deliverables as needed. You should have at least one area of deep knowledge - industry specialization, research, animation or prototyping - and good general skills across all.

Involved in the following activities:

• Managing the career and quality of work of one to two Jr UX

• Leading UX stream of work on the one to two projects and contribute to the pitch process

• Defining, sharing and delivering work to ensure project excellence

• Defining and arranging a half day expert in-house training session

• Assisting with weekly UX meetings

• Managing and mentoring junior UX on project team

• Contributing to over all growth of the UX team

• Participating in all phases of the product development lifecycle, including product

• Working on both tactical and strategic aspects of a project

• Presenting work and rationale for internal and external stakeholders

• Collaborating with members of multidisciplinary teams and advocate for users and user centered design practices.

• Maintaining an understanding of digital trends and capabilities and actively participates in establishing a strong design culture

• Conceptualizing and articulate strong, user-centered and delightful interactions

• Assisting or leading on research initiatives

• Creating and maintaining documentation and deliverables for multiple stakeholders: clients, visual design and developers

• Designing applications and product experiences either from concept or as an iteration on existing platforms

• Articulating decisions with research data, design principles or other objective information


• 7 + years of experience. Should include some agency experience

• Degree in Interaction Design, Graphic Design, HCI, or related field of study (or work experience in lieu of degree)

• You listen well and have excellent speaking and writing skills.

• You can observe, analyze, question, synthesize and conceptualize.

• You can delegate work and give direction to Jr UX and other junior team members

• You can articulate your decision and design process

• You are respectful when challenging assumptions and give and receive feedback with equal grace.

• You are a responsible adult. You estimate work, commit and deliver on deadlines and arevocal when risk arises.

• You have a design aesthetic. Your documents are simple, informative and filled with value. There is an attention to detail that borders on neurotic.

• You understand business and account strategy and will contribute ideas and solutions to growing a project and selling ideas.

• You put pen to paper before you pick up a mouse.

• Curiosity that drives you to look at the world as a solution instead of just existing patterns and mental models.

• Ideally you know a bit of code, most of the Adobe suite and some animation. Two of the three are essential.

• Understanding of design research, user experience design processes and methodology, its value and how to integrate into work.