Product Designer

Senior UX Designer

Be a part of an exciting and well funded, backed Incubator Lab. They are part of a larger holding company that provides a strong foundation and support while being agile and innovate in start up solutions. The take well sound start up products and cultivate to see where they need to push the product to.

Products are anywhere from automotive, FinTech, devices, useful applications and the next generation of new products.

Small product team of talented experience designers, strategy designers, engineering and product managers for a growing office. Thriving in a co working space in the heart of Berlin!

Must have:

- Hands on execution of UX delivery, prototyping, user research and iterations
- Current or previous experience working in a start or for a tech brand
- Conviction to develop better products through data, collaboration and defining ideas
- Strong portfolio demonstrating innovative emerging UX technology and ideas

Competitive Salary, perks, guaranteed 10% bonus