UX Technologist


UX Design Technologist

This role combines UX Design and engineering expertise into a single discipline, and should be able to develop, prototype, and test innovative user experience solutions that push the envelope of human-computer interaction. You will create solutions that inspire others to invest in new ideas across the product dept and the global team. This is your chance to get in at the ground floor and help define and drive UX-focused technology solutions that will deliver on our digital content vision.

Use your technical expertise to bring UX concepts to life across a range of fidelities, from simple click-through prototypes to full-fidelity experience reference applications. You are well versed in an balanced mix of development and prototyping platforms and tools, and will select the best and most appropriate for the task. When relevant, you deliver code on the target platform and know when doing so is not necessary or practical. You understand the strengths and weaknesses of each delivery platform and are able to identify opportunities and work creatively within the constraints it imposes.

You will be part of a small and nimble team focused on client-side, consumer-facing and business-facing aspects of our digital content platform, leveraging our existing and next generation properties to prototype and build great end-to-end experiences for our customers. You will work collaboratively with other UX designers, product managers, software engineers, domain experts and even executives across the product dept-- iterating on concepts that start and end with the customer.

• Actively participate in concept development and design ideation as part of a new UX team focused on innovative digital content experiences.
• Build and iterate prototypes for proof-of-concept, demonstration and testing of next generation solutions which take maximum advantage of technical capabilities of hardware and software.
• Work with design leadership, product leadership and key stakeholders to realize prototypes that feel real and explain and prove user concepts for next generation experiences.
• Work with UX design stakeholders to ensure compliance with key standards on products we ship across our ecosystems, incl. SDKs and HIGs.
• Work with engineering teams across the dept to evaluate and evangelize new technologies and best practices for front end and UX development.
• Work closely with engineering teams to create and standardize successful ways of working between development and design.
• Help develop, implement and evangelize a process that allows design and development to work closely together on rapid iteration of design concepts.
• BS in Computer Science or related technical field (In lieu of degree, 4 years of relevant work experience).
• At least 3+ years’ experience as a key member of a UI design team participating in the complete product development lifecycle of successfully launched applications.
• Proficiency in native mobile development, strong interaction and rapid prototyping engineering skills across a broad spectrum of technologies including: Native mobile development (Objective-C/Xcode, Android, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, JS frameworks, W3C DOM methods and properties).
• Knowledge of web development tools such as; Frameworks (e.g. React, React Native; jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap), Package Management (e.g. Require.js, AMD), Browser Debugging (e.g. Web Inspector, Firebug, WebDev Toolbar), Templating (e.g. Handlebars, Underscore templates), and Preprocessors (e.g. SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript).
• Portfolio of work that demonstrates detailed attention to typography, color, imagery, motion, and graphic elements.

• Experience collaborating with / working as part of development teams through full product development cycle.
• Experience building prototypes and tools in C#, Java and HTML5/CSS3/Javascript that communicate with SQL, JSON, XML.
• Experience with Object Oriented JavaScript and modern JavaScript libraries (e.g., Closure, jQuery, Node).
• HCI and research experience, including mobile HCI, tangible interfaces, and physical computing.
• Experience in front-end design or partnering with visual and interaction designers to define and iterate on an idea.
• Experience prototyping and iterating for user research and usability studies.
• Proven ability to innovate within and extend current technology through prototypes.
• Willingness to work with and advance internal authoring tools.
• Sensibility for consumer facing entertainment applications and a passion for digital media.