Software Engineer

Boston, MA /
Customer Technology – Engineering /
At the Customer Technology Department (CTD), our mission is to apply modern principles of research, design, and technology to make our transit system easy for all riders to use. Effective and equitable public transit is essential to the social, economic, and environmental progress of Greater Boston.
The MBTA Customer Technology team is working to transform how people get around the Boston area.
We are a team of designers, engineers, product and content specialists charged with bringing novel ideas, modern standards and a user-centered approach to technology at the T. As the MBTA works to reinvent itself, we have a rare opportunity to craft the future of transportation for Boston and communities all around Eastern Massachusetts, as well as pioneer innovations for other transit agencies around the country.
Do you want to improve the daily transportation experience for 4.7 million people in the Boston region? Ready for the challenge? Then read on.

The Software Engineer applies engineering best practices to public transit software systems and products. Sometimes this means coding new applications from scratch. Other times this means using the best solutions the community has to offer. We use cloud services, open-source software, and modern tools as much as possible. Knowing what to build and reuse ensures that we optimize our time and efforts so we can focus on delivering the best value to our riders.

Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Write production-quality software
    • Create appropriate unit and integration tests
    • Deliver product features on time
    • Design systems and architectures that scale
    • Communicate openly with the team about issues and improvements
    • Collaborate with other engineers to reason through code together
    • Protect the data security and privacy of the MBTA and its riders
    • Help team members learn skills and overcome obstacles
    • Work and communicate effectively with product, design, and other stakeholders within the MBTA

Minimum Requirements/Responsibilities:

    • Solid understanding of fundamental programming concepts
    • Interest in applying functional programming to solve problems
    • At least two years of professional experience writing software
    • Willingness to work on front and backend depending on the product need

Preferences include:

    • Experience with Elixir (can be learned on-the-job), Ruby, Python, or SQL
    • Experience with Javascript, Typescript, or React
    • Experience with GTFS or real-time information
This is a full-time hourly position within the Customer Technology Department at the MBTA. We work with payroll vendors that offer benefits such as pre-taxed health insurance, 401k options, and paid sick time. After at least one year on the job, there may be an opportunity to become a salaried employee with the MBTA.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to us at CTD. We believe that we can only design and build tools for our riders if our team reflects the wide variety of people who use MBTA services all over eastern Massachusetts. We strive to be inclusive in our approach to both hiring and product development, and we strongly encourage applicants from historically underrepresented groups to apply for this position.