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About Thrive
Thrive Health is a digital health company with a mission to help clients flourish and seize control over their health long term with personalized nutrition counseling. 

Thrive was founded by people that are dedicated to strengthening the world's well-being by tackling the root causes of health issues. There is so much misinformation on what is good for someone and for their body. Additionally, the vast majority of our food supply is of poor quality and we've been bombarded with marketing dollars to believe diets are the only way out. In short, the deck has been stacked against most Americans when it comes to living a healthy life.

That’s where Thrive comes in. We believe that working with the highest quality nutrition professionals is key to making sustainable life changes, developing strong nutritional habits, and taking control over one's own health.

Position Description
We are seeking a highly skilled Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about using evidence-based nutrition recommendations and effective behavior change strategies to help clients achieve their long-term health and wellness goals. You must have a proven track record of success in working with clients long-term and be able to demonstrate your ability to integrate nutrition into their regular self-care routine.

As a startup, we move fast and iterate quickly on different ideas. We are looking for someone who can thrive in a fast-paced environment, has high standards, and is focused on performance, including client retention, engagement, and satisfaction. We value mutual respect and collaboration, and we are looking for someone who embodies these qualities and is a team player.

Above all, you must share our passion for nutrition, and coaching, and embody our mission to improve their health and happiness on a large scale.

Who You Are

    • You are inspired by the opportunity to work with a team of collaborative, adaptable, and motivated dietitians driven to help people thrive in their health. 
    • You are passionate about inspiring clients to reach new goals and create long-term, sustainable change.
    • You provide the highest excellence of clinical care, medical nutrition therapy, and coaching support. You remain up-to-date on best practices in evidence-based nutrition care.
    • You have a proven track record of success in working with clients, integrating nutrition into their regular self-care routine, and developing long-term client relationships.
    • You’re an empathetic dietitian that ensures your clients feel heard and supported.
    • You thrive in a high-velocity, outcome-oriented environment where growth is in our company-wide DNA.
    • You are a natural self-starter and relentlessly resourceful.  
    • You are humble and never afraid to ask for help, entertain constructive feedback, or engage in new thoughts. You’re very open to different perspectives and take feedback well.
    • You are detail-oriented, proactive, autonomous, and committed to excellence in your work.
    • You are responsive in your work with fellow dietitians and clients on the platform.
    • You ramp up to new best practices quickly.
    • You identify as a life-long learner. You are curious, eager to continually grow in expertise.
    • You are genuine and bring an enthusiastic, professional demeanor. You are an open-minded and unbiased practitioner who leads with humility.

What You’ll Do

    • Create a positive, supportive, and motivating environment for clients to embrace nutrition long-term as an integrated part of their healthcare.
    • Stay up to date with new company standards, products, and rollouts on your own time.
    • Conduct free intro video calls, paid comprehensive initial assessments, and recurring follow-up sessions with clients via our secure telehealth platform.
    • Based on clinical experience and a comprehensive nutrition assessment, develop an evidence-based nutrition plan to help clients meet their health goals.
    • Support clients in common areas of interest - meal planning, navigating eating out and travel, appropriate lab testing, smart supplementation, etc. 
    • Motivate clients to set and continue to reach new goals/intentions using our unified goal-setting framework that is designed to facilitate sustainable behavior change. 
    • Meet & exceed performance standards/client outcomes for obtaining new clients, retention, and client satisfaction. 
    • Engage in mastermind groups to learn best practices around booking clients by inspiring confidence in our services and retaining clients by inspiring long-term engagement. 
    • Use our secure telehealth platform chat feature to check in, provide ongoing client support, answer questions, and offer motivation and encouragement along the way. 
    • Drive strong client outcomes by utilizing evidence-based behavior change strategies to support clients in making sustainable lifestyle changes past the 12-month mark.
    • Achieve high client retention rates through exceptional coaching and support
    • Continuously self-evaluate and improve coaching to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction (NPS scores) and engagement
    • Engage in new company initiatives and collaborate to drive client & team success.
    • Build a thriving practice with the potential of seeing hundreds of clients annually through long-term support.

What You Get

    • Connection to a growing network of RDs who are experts in their field, located world-wide.
    • Qualified, prepared clients within your area of expertise coming straight to your practice.
    • A competitive salary & the ability to set your rate.
    • Flexibility to work from anywhere and set your hours in a way that supports your lifestyle.
    • Ongoing trainings to enhance expertise, increase income, and drive better outcomes.
    • Access to a turn-key practice management, sales team, and customer support. 
    • Less time focused on billing, insurance reimbursement, and admin tasks so that you can focus on providing the best nutrition therapy and behavior change support to clients. 
    • Licensure fee reimbursement for specific states to expand our practice. 
    • Opportunities to grow within our team while supporting Thrive’s mission by referring clients to the platform, making online article contributions, supporting corporate client requests, consult on internal projects, and eventually become a RD Lead. 

Position Requirements

    • Bachelor's (Required)
    • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with one of the following specializations required: Weight Management
    • Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management (CSOWM certification) or Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management preferred.
    • Experience working in an outpatient setting is required. 
    • Experience counseling individual clients over a multi-year period is preferred. 
    • Weekend and/or evening availability is required.
    • Spanish speaking is preferred.
Time Commitment
This is a flexible part-time role, and we ask for a minimum of 8–10 hours of availability per week (15-20+ hours preferred).

Compensation:  $40.00 - $50.00 per hour
Hourly compensation applies to client care, not open availability. RDs are compensated for the hours spent in initial assessments and follow-up sessions paid for by clients, plus an additional 30-40% buffer time at their hourly rate to account for documentation, free intro calls, async chatting via platform with clients between sessions, rescheduled client sessions, and any minor admin responsibilities. 

We believe that talent can come from anywhere and we operate as a remote-first organization. As such, this is a remote position that can be done from anywhere in the world.

What to Expect
First 7-10 days:
∙ Participate in your first Onboarding Call with Lead RD.
∙ Participate in Intro Call Training with Lead RD.
∙ Completing required asynchronous onboarding tasks.
∙ Add availability to the platform and begin accepting intro calls.

First 15-30 days:
∙ Complete remaining asynchronous onboarding tasks.
∙ Begin accepting intro calls, conducting initial consults and follow ups for new clients. 
∙ Engage in optional RDE Closing Masterminds group. Post daily intro call updates, watch intro call recordings and collect feedback to identify areas for improvement.
∙ Build relationships with clients and serve as their trusted professional for nutrition.
∙ Attend and engage in your first RD team meeting.
∙ Meet with Thrive’s Director of Clinical Operations to align on the company mission, vision and direction for the future.
∙ Meet with Thrive’s Co-founder & CEO to review our Unified Goal Setting Framework and Lead Distribution System.
∙ Integrate Unified Goal Setting Framework into practice, both in care and documentation.

First 60-90 days:
∙ Begin to build the practice of your dreams.
∙ Obsess over progress towards performance expectations. 
∙ Lean into available trainings on closing intro calls and driving retention.
∙ Identify leading indicators of churn behavior and lean into best practices for driving engagement with clients.
∙ Contribute feedback and reflections in NPS survey.

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