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Company Description

Mechanism is an early-stage venture firm that partners with entrepreneurs to launch and scale ambitious companies. 

In our model, we work to identify and validate opportunities before creating every business. We then provide the growth expertise to gain early traction as well as the business support to establish positive unit economics, profitability, and scale. 

In addition to investment and strategic guidance, we offer extensive operational support for our startups in critical areas, including Growth, Product, Operations, People, Finance, and Legal. Our in-house experts are at the top of their fields and are here to provide world-class support and expertise in helping our startups get off the ground and scale.

As a team, we have deep expertise in growth marketing, and it’s an important part of our company-wide culture. When it comes to launching and scaling companies, we don’t guess. We engineer.

Our success rate of getting companies profitable is 100%, and our team has a track record of investing in and cofounding multiple companies with $100M+ revenue.

Position Description

The CEOs of our portfolio companies join us first as Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs). We are looking for new EIRs to join the team who will research business opportunities and become the CEOs of startups we cofound and invest in. 

The startups we cofound are mission-driven – focused on improving something that matters – and ultimately grow to a billion-dollar market capitalization over 5-10 years.

The EIR role is salaried and full-time. In this role, you will collaborate with our team to understand the Mechanism startup model while you ideate, research, and prepare to launch your own company. 

The EIR program has two phases. In the first phase, you spend a sizable amount of time with the Mechanism cofounders covering a wide variety of topics relevant to launching and scaling startups with rapid profitability. You'll participate in many activities, including working within parts of the Mechanism business, potentially alongside other startups we've cofounded. This phase also includes iterative MVP builds and concept tests that will inform your eventual startup. 

You won't be just learning theoretical concepts – real-world market performance is paramount to our model.

In the second phase of the program, we fund your startup, and you officially become a CEO. Over the next few quarters, you'll work closely with the Mechanism cofounders and other in-house teams to test and scale offerings that drive early profitability, with a focus on moving from default dead to default alive and becoming an expert in your space. From there, you'll continue to scale your business, hiring in-house teams and expanding your product or service offerings – all the while continuing to test and rapidly iterate.

Each EIR is afforded a high amount of independence and autonomy, as well as a significant ownership stake in your eventual startup. 

You are not required to bring a developed business idea into the EIR program. We are looking for the right people first, and we’ll develop the right business idea second.

What You’ll Do

    • Learn and internalize the Mechanism startup model.
    • Work within different parts of the Mechanism business, focusing on areas that augment and build out your startup founder skill sets.
    • Research, analyze, and test the viability of business ideas. 
    • Brainstorm solutions and validate them with representative customers.
    • Clarify and verify value propositions and key features.
    • Devise and validate go-to-market strategies for different business ideas.

Skill Requirements

    • Prior experience as a startup founder or working at an early-stage company.
    • Demonstrated experience building businesses and leading teams.
    • Adept at recruiting, evaluating, and coaching team members.
    • Enjoy working and thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.
    • Strong analytical skills and enthusiasm for data-driven decision-making and marketing.
    • A test-and-learn mindset as the idea continues to evolve.
    • Interest in driving change, adoption, and scaling a business from scratch.
    • Convey complex concepts and ideas in simple terms.
    • Extreme grit, integrity, determination, resilience, and relentless resourcefulness.
    • You are genuine and bring an enthusiastic, professional demeanor. We have a very strict no-jerk policy.

What To Expect

    • While the EIR program is different for each person – tailored to individual strengths and background – below is a general sense of what you may expect over the first three months of joining the team:
    • In 30 Days
    • Start collaborating with the Mechanism team and onboard into the EIR program.
    • Complete the Mechanism Growth Bootcamp to learn the fundamentals needed to engineer company growth and profitability.
    • Help with or temporarily lead Mechanism or portfolio company initiatives.
    • Begin leading EIR strategy sessions with Mechanism cofounders to identify future business opportunities for your eventual startup.
    • Research industries and opportunities identified in strategy sessions and choose a clear direction for your future company.
    • In 60 Days
    • Continue to help with, or temporarily lead, Mechanism or portfolio company initiatives – focusing on wrapping up work and/or transitioning ownership to other team members.
    • Continue leading EIR strategy sessions with the Mechanism team to validate business opportunities. 
    • Rapidly build MVPs and run tests to determine the viability of potential strategies and approaches for establishing early profitability of your future company.
    • In 90 Days
    • Wind down or transition ownership of any remaining Mechanism or portfolio startup initiatives.
    • Complete feasibility testing and research.
    • Prepare to become the CEO of your own startup.

The salary for the EIR program is $200k annually. We also cover all associated costs, such as research, experimentation, and feasibility studies.

After you become the CEO of your startup, compensation moves to a base salary of $120k plus autonomy and a sizable equity stake in your startup. Beyond this point, changes to compensation are discussed and agreed upon as board-level decisions.

Time Commitment 

This role is full time. 


We are fully remote. You can work wherever you’re most productive.