Escalations Associate, Genius (Evening/Night Shift)

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About the role

Step into the pivotal role of Escalations Associate within our fast-growing Genius team, working specifically during the evening or overnight shift, including weekends. In this position, you will be the cornerstone of our customer support, expertly navigating the most complex and sensitive issues our customers face after business hours. Your day-to-day will involve masterfully de-escalating high-tension conversations, diagnosing and remedying technical problems, and identifying trends in escalations to preemptively address potential issues. Your contributions will not only resolve immediate challenges but also drive forward initiatives that enhance the overall quality and performance of our customer experience.

Things you're good at

    • Empathy: You bring a deep sense of understanding and compassion to every customer interaction, transforming challenging conversations into positive resolutions.
    • Problem-solving: Your ability to navigate complex issues and find effective solutions is unparalleled, ensuring customer concerns are resolved with efficiency and accuracy.
    • Decision quality: You're known for making sound judgments, drawing on a mix of analysis, wisdom, and experience to make the right call, even under pressure.
    • Innovation: Your forward-thinking approach enables you to identify and implement process improvements, enhancing both customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.
    • Analytical skills: You possess a sharp ability to identify patterns and trends in customer escalations, using this insight to develop strategic resolutions.


    • Become a linchpin in de-escalating emotionally charged exchanges, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Tackle and resolve advanced technical issues, providing clarity and assurance to our users.
    • Analyze resolved escalations to identify trends and develop proactive solutions to mitigate future escalations.
    • Champion initiatives aimed at improving our customer experience, driving new benchmarks for quality and performance.
    • Contribute to a collaborative and positive team atmosphere, encouraging shared success and continuous learning.


    • At least 2 years of experience in customer service, demonstrating your ability to navigate and resolve customer inquiries with skill and care.
    • Proven experience in handling escalations, showcasing your ability to manage complex and sensitive issues with tact and efficiency.
    • A strong background in managing a high volume of support requests via email or text, ensuring each customer receives timely and personalized assistance.
    • Comfortable being the last line of defense in the customer support chain, adept at resolving the most challenging issues that others could not.


    • Competitive salary and meaningful equity.
    • Health, vision, and dental insurance.
    • 401(k) match.
    • Weekly delivered meals.
    • Monthly wellness stipend.
    • A remote work environment that's collaborative and supportive.
    • Career growth opportunities in a company with a meaningful mission.
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