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About Mem
We’re building infrastructure for the future of the internet.

Mem is a distributed, privacy-focused protocol to support the next generation of decentralized applications being built for web3.

With Mem, users hold the keys to their data and can take it wherever they wish. APIs are no longer pegged to specific versions and can update themselves. Information can be exchanged without compromising privacy. This is only a small subset of what is possible with the tools we're building.

The Role
As a designer, you'll be shaping the products that Mem ships to the world. You'll ideate, design, and build apps for desktop and mobile, as well as craft the user flows and stories that affect how people interact with our app.

What You'll Do
- Craft every detail of new product features, from idea to UX to pixel-perfect execution.
- Bring those designs to life in code. While you'll be working with frontend engineers on our team, you'll also spend time being one.
- Conduct customer interviews to generate data which will help us plan and scope our product roadmap.
- Create design systems that are simple to understand but help us to move faster as we scale. This includes story books, component libraries, and frameworks for feedback.
- Help generate marketing material and craft our external image.

Skills Needed for Success

    • You can create pixel-perfect visual designs (UI)
    • You can untangle hard conceptual problems and have sharp intuition for how people use (or wish they could use) products (UX)
    • You can do production-level coding in HTML + CSS + React
    • You have a working knowledge of APIs, specifically how to implement GraphQL schemas
    • You can communicate with backend and blockchain developers about both design and implementation details
    • You're a Figma wizard
All positions are full time unless otherwise noted.