Distributed Systems Engineer

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About Mem
We’re building infrastructure for the future of the internet.

Mem is a distributed, privacy-focused protocol to support the next generation of decentralized applications being built for web3.

With Mem, users hold the keys to their data and can take it wherever they wish. APIs are no longer pegged to specific versions and can update themselves. Information can be exchanged without compromising privacy. This is only a small subset of what is possible with the tools we're building.

Our Stack

Rust / Go / Python / Typescript / C / C++ / WASM / Docker / Kubernetes / REST / GraphQL / React / JSON-LD / Protobufs

You will enjoy this role if you

• Believe the structure of the web can be improved and want to be a force multiplier to make that happen.
• Enjoy taking ownership of technical projects and driving best practices.
• Thrive in an autonomous environment, setting objectives and scoping projects but also seek collaboration when necessary to solve complex issues.
• Seek an opportunity to accelerate your career at a high-growth startup.
• Want to contribute to core protocols and standards for the web.

Your Opportunities

As a distributed systems engineer at Mem, you’ll be you’ll be building some of the core services and agents required to implement the protocol. Areas you can choose to focus on include:

• Distributed data ingestion, storage, querying, retrieval, and presentation. (Distributed databases)
• Identity and access management, authentication, and authorization protocols. (IAM)
• Data architecture, solution architecture, and coordinating microservices. (SOA)
• Cryptographic methods to secure data at rest, in transit, and in use.
• Routing and caching strategies and algorithms.
• API design and lifecycle management, REST and GraphQL, and smart agent implementation.

We don’t expect any one person to be an expert in every area listed above. We’re looking for people who can specialize in 1-2 and understand the rest. If that sounds like you, we should talk.
All positions are full time unless otherwise noted.