Java Instructional Trainer (Part-Time, Remote or Local)

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Are you a skilled Java professional that wants to help underserved Americans gain in-demand Java skills?  

Merit America is looking for a talented Java Instructional Trainer to help lead our Java training program, with the goal of helping thousands of underserved Americans advance their careers. More than two in three American adults do not have Bachelor’s degrees and many are working in low-wage jobs, at a time when employers are struggling to find skilled talent. With your help, Merit America will close this skills gap at scale.

Merit America is a new non-profit program focused on building a large-scale pathway from low-wage work into upwardly-mobile careers. We do this by:
1) Partnering with employers;
2) Operating learning programs aligned to employer needs, which combine online learning + in-person wraparound support;
3) Training Americans without college degrees to compete for in-demand roles.

After successfully growing our IT training program, we launched a Learning Track to prepare working adults to become Junior Java Developers. We are looking for a talented Java professional/trainer to help facilitate our learners’ Java skill development. The Java Instructional Trainer will be critical in driving learners’ career transformations, making a lasting impact on their lives.

Role Responsibilities

    • Learners will be taking online Java lessons from a leading training provider, but will also need direct feedback, support, and mentorship - that’s where you come in.

    • The Java Instructional Trainer's responsibilities are as follows:
      Manage learners’ Java skill-development and ensure their job-readiness, including:
    • Reviewing learners’ completed Java assignments/projects and providing thoughtful feedback
    • Hosting virtual office hours for learners to attend when they have questions, while they work through lessons or assignments/projects
    • Monitoring the learners’ online portal to answer Java-related questions learners have as they work through lessons or assignments/projects
    • Offering mentorship and guidance to learners about Java-related careers based on your professional experiences

    • Shape future Java academic programming, including:
    • Providing expertise on how to best train for Java skills and which Java skills are differentially critical in today's workforce
    • Providing feedback and insights into what learners' experiences were like learning Java skills

    • Our focus is having the Java Instructional Trainer directly interact with learners and provide the nuanced guidance and support they need that will supplement their online coursework.

Preferred Qualifications

    • At Merit America, we believe that if you can excel in the job, you should get the job - so we hire for skills, instead of specific experience or education requirements. Our preferred qualifications include:

    • Content Expertise - Java skills: Strong Java skills and knowledge, including: Object and classes, inheritance, overloading/overriding, exceptions, strings, type information, interfaces, collections, Java Spring, generics, etc.

      Content Expertise - Related technical skills: Strong skills and knowledge of Java-related concepts such as SQL, Agile development, 12 Factor Design, Cloud, and Microservices

      Social-Impact Mindset: Desire to work directly with underserved populations and meaningfully improve their lives

      Deep Empathy: Outstanding ability to understand, empathize, and build relationships with others, including people with diverse backgrounds and interests

      Communication: Strong interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills to provide learners with constructive feedback

      Operational Excellence: Ability to manage your own schedule and balance multiple demands, with demonstrated success working in fast-paced environments and solving problems creatively

      Lifelong learning: Commitment to lifelong learning and ongoing personal and professional development


    • Part-time, 10-20 hours per week, with the ability to stay in your full-time job (we can discuss timing that work for you - e.g., weeknights or weekends only, etc.)
    • Remote or Local - Virtual and in-person support are utilized in the program so we anticipate hiring for both
    • Competitive nonprofit compensation
Diversity is integral to our success and we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We believe in workplaces that are fully inclusive, and include underrepresented individuals in terms of race, gender and/or socio-economic status, and any other characteristics protected by applicable law. We strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.