A-29 Simulator Instructor

Flight Operations
Essential Functions:
· Provide instruction in A-29 flight simulator operations.
· Instruct utilizing approved A-29 flight procedures and squadron standard operating procedures.
· Maintain simulator training records.
· Monitor the maintenance condition of the equipment
· Supervise mechanical troubleshooting on the A-29 flight simulator.
· File incident reports as necessary to report any observed violations or situations that may affect safety.     
· Attend administrative, standardization, in-service training, and instructor development meetings as assigned.
· Deploy on a 90 on / 90 off rotation. 
Minimum Experience / Skill-Set Requirements:
· Prior U.S. Military instructor pilot or instructor Weapons Systems Operator (WSO) in air-to-ground aircraft. Note: WSO shall possess a FAA CFII, instructor certified ATP, or equivalent designation.
· Must be able to complete appropriate instructor certification at Moody AFB, GA.
· Prior Flight Simulator operator experience desired