Pilatus PC-12 Pilot (Deployed)

Flight Operations
To perform functions and duties related to a Pilot in Command.
The Pilot-in-Command (PIC) has command and responsibility for the flight crew, passengers, cargo, the safe conduct of the flight, and provides guidance and coordinates activities of every individual connected with all phases of the aircraft operation. The PIC adheres to proper Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) techniques. The PIC reports to the Chief Pilot and indirectly to the Director of Operations.

Security Clearance is Required
Note: Must be fluent in English, agree to an FAA/ Military Pilot Background Check (PRIA Equivalent)

Essential Functions:

    • Mission Planning, pre-flight and post flight briefing, aircraft pre-flight and post flight, safe operation of aircraft and mission execution, direct activities and insure proper use of CRM among crew members.
    • Ensure the assigned aircraft is airworthy and all proper documents are on board and is properly equipped for the mission.
    • Make decisions to the start, delay, cancellation of flight or deviation from planned destination when operating conditions dictate.
    • Prepare or supervise all flight plan considerations, including but not limited to, weather, performance, appropriate flight level, appropriate fueling, airport facilities, and navigational aids and flight following procedures are followed.
    • Ensure the aircraft weight and balance form/manifest is properly completed, signed, and distributed.
    • Report promptly all known or suspected FAA violations or incidents to the Chief Pilot.
    • Maintain a current medical certificate as required and notify the Chief Pilot if medical condition may impair ability to perform the flight.
    • Ensure all crew members and passengers are properly brief on proposed flight and emergency equipment usage and procedures.
    • Ensure all maintenance write-ups are coordinated with and passed on to the maintenance personnel and that Flight Operations is alerted to the current status of the aircraft.
    • Ensure appropriate communications with Operations in a timely and efficient method.
    • Position requires travel to OCONUS to perform duties and potentially work in austere locations.
    • Prepare to work scheduled and unscheduled hours in a rotational, on call schedule to cover 24/7 operations.
    • Other duties and task may be assigned by Chief Pilot or Site lead.
    • Thoroughly knowledgeable in the AOM, FOM, FAA regulations, Operations Specifications and any other related flight duty activities.
    • Able to interact with customer making sure their needs are being met and always ready to solve any problem it may arise with a friendly and helpful demeanor.

Minimum Qualifications:

    • Must have an active secret security clearance and be willing to maintain it (Required)
    • FAA Class II Medical Certificate (Required)
    • US Valid Passport (Required)
    • Commercial/ Instrument (Required)
    • 2000 Hours Total time (Required)
    • 250 Hours in type and model (Required)
    • 200 Hours in previous year currencies (Required)
    • Previous experience in Med-Evac and Overseas Operations (Highly Preferred)
    • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate (Preferred)