Software Engineer - Smart Contracts

New York, NY /
Engineering /
Full Time
Messari is a fast growth startup in New York that is building the next generation data layer for the global cryptoasset community. We believe data is knowledge, and with knowledge, you can invest with confidence. But getting information you can trust in the crypto world is hard. Our mission is to drive factual crowd-sourced information and data transparency across every corner of the emerging token ecosystem by building an open data library for blockchain projects and cryptoassets. We are applying ideas of open data and crowdsourcing to financial services, giving investors the tools they need to separate the wheat from the chaff, and helping enable smarter regulation along the way.

Are you passionate about crypto finance? Do you daydream in the overlap between open-source coding and Freakanomics? Do you want to help change the world and build the core data infrastructure for the next 100 years?  Then we want to talk to you.

We’re looking for a methodical, curious, and passionate smart contract engineer to help us design and build our Token Curated Registry. We need someone who has experience shipping mainnet code with real economic value, and is looking for the opportunity to apply new ideas around token economics to the problem of data integrity and human consensus. You will work in a team with fellow engineers to iterate on new models for public trust across global decentralized markets.

About the job

    • Pioneer the nascent field of Token Curated Registries on Smart Contracts.
    • Research and develop voting and governance mechanisms using Solidity, Truffle, Ganache and Web3JS.
    • Create and maintain upgradable contracts on the Ethereum network backed by thorough testing.
    • Design, build, and iterate towards a seamless integration between on-chain contracts and off-chain applications

About you

    • You have a deep knowledge of blockchain architecture, follow the latest Ethereum developments, actively participate in the community, and have strong opinions on a variety EIPsYou have written and deployed smart contracts to the Ethereum mainnet.
    • You can clearly articulate the conceptual models behind ERC20 and ERC721, as well as what went wrong in the the DAO and Parity hacks.
    • You are curious about new ideas in cryptoeconomics like staking incentives, bonding curves, and of course token curated registries.
    • You are a passionate Mission First, Team Always person with a strong drive to do important and valuable work.
    • You ship. You take ownership, you move with a sense of purpose, and you deliver results.
    • You measure twice and cut once. You think carefully about a problem, plan how to execute it, and then make it happen.
    • You are excited to learn more about the industry and level up with us.
    • You know how to take a break, and are passionate about your life both inside and outside the office.