DevOps Engineer (remote)

San Francisco, CA /
Engineering /
Full-time (remote)
About Metabase

Metabase is bringing data tools with the elegance and simplicity of consumer products to the crufty world of enterprise business intelligence. We provide an opinionated open source starting point for how companies should measure, analyze and share their data as well as a suite of tools to deal with the complexity that arises as they grow.

Tens of thousands of companies use Metabase every day to answer questions about their data. While we seek to become the de-facto self-managed open source analytics software for organizations everywhere, many customers want an ability to use Metabase without worrying about the operational details of self-hosting. That’s why we recently launched our Metabase Cloud product. We’re looking for operations engineers to help build out and run our new and quickly growing ‘Metabase Cloud’ hosted product.

You will:

    • Own and operate our application stack and AWS infrastructure to orchestrate and manage our hosted customer instances of Metabase
    • Debug runtime issues across the different levels of our application stack, AWS, and the Metabase product
    • Build out and improve our observability infrastructure 
    • Develop and build our internal tooling and automation to manage the lifecycle of a hosted Metabase installation, from purchase to deployment, zero-downtime upgrades, and general operational health
    • Continuously improve our automated deployments and testing

We're looking for someone who:

    • Is thoughtful and careful
    • Compulsively automates everything!
    • Has strong network security and application security skills
    • Can write high quality and readable code in a modern language (e.g. Clojure, Scala, Python, Go, etc.)
    • Thinks about systems, edge conditions, and their failure modes
    • Is able to make solid technical judgements and back them up articulately
    • Has past experience building and operating production infrastructure on AWS, in one or more of the following areas: ECS with Docker, Autoscaling and Load Balancing, CloudWatch, Aurora and RDS, S3, Secrets Manager, and/or CloudFormation and Beanstalk.
    • Has experience managing production systems with ‘infrastructure as code’ software tools like Terraform
    • Has experience running JVM applications under a variety of loads with monitoring, observability, and memory & performance tuning in mind
    • Has previous knowledge and experience in Clojure or similar functional language, or a desire to learn

Projects you could work on:

    • Simplifying and unifying the infrastructure between our single and multi-tenant hosting platforms, and migrating existing customers
    • Build out our observability and monitoring system to unify system, JVM, and application level metrics
    • Collaborate with core application developers on making changes to achieve full zero-downtime deployments and upgrades of our hosted customers
    • Supporting multiple availability zones and other cloud providers
    • Work to improve our automation of system and processes towards achieving compliance certifications such as SOC2

Working at Metabase

We’re small, engineering led and you’ll be joining at a pivotal time in the company. You’ll get:
-Amazing views from our beautiful downtown San Francisco office Zoom channel.
-Great benefits and substantial equity in a venture funded company.
-Folks that care about building a great product and team.