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Milk Moovement is building a world-class team focused on getting the right milk to the right place at the right time. 

Our herd of over 65 employees and growing is driven to provide our clients with the data they need to make critical decisions that impact their operations and ultimately your favorite dairy products. 

Who is Milk Moovement you might ask? We are a young VC-backed company with humble roots and massive ambitions to disrupt the dairy supply chain. We think differently, act nimbly, and always leave things better than we found them.  

We're adding to our team as we continue significant growth in 2023. Check us out on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (@milkmoovement), and our home page to learn more or hit “apply” below!

Milk Moovement is seeking three (3) experienced Senior Full Stack Developers to join our existing value streams in developing and maintaining scalable enterprise SaaS applications that continue to revolutionize the dairy supply chain. What are the value streams you ask? Let’s dive into that below:
• Quality & Processing: Q&P works to provide deep insights to processing plants based on the quality of milk coming off our users’ farms. Q&P works closely with labs to ingest milk quality data into our system, aggregate the data points, and provide processors with the data they need to ensure efficiencies in their operations.
• Equity & Pooling: E&P works in tandem to ensure that the right people get paid the right amount on time. As a large portion of our customers are farmer-owned co-ops, we need to administrate equity for those farmers. Pooling is how dairy farmers share in the benefits arising from the classified pricing of milk. 
• Producing: Focused on building and maintaining cloud-native digital solutions, our Producing value stream’s mission is to make farmers’ lives easier. Think connecting unlimited accounts to farms to give them a more collaborative and streamlined experience, ordering feed with the click of a button, and much, much more.

We’re hiring Full Stack Developer III’s to join each of these teams above and primarily focus on making our technology as scalable and user-friendly as possible. Here are some examples of things you might do:  
• Communicate directly with end-users to understand their business requirements and communicate those back to the development team as clearly defined technical requirements
• Create and review scalable designs in collaboration with your Team Lead and stakeholders
• Build and own core features of Milk Moovement application and act as a subject matter expert
• Generate unit and integration testing on all code to ensure accuracy and efficiency 

You will be part of a cross-functional team distributed across North America but with offices in Halifax and St. John’s. You should be comfortable coming to our offices if nearby, and not shy on Zoom and Slack if remote. 

Milk Moovement seeks to have a diverse, inclusive, team-oriented, and curiosity-driven herd. Our technical team lives to find unique solutions to the challenges inherent to digital supply chains, and we expect you will be excited to do so as well. You must have extensive prior full-stack development experience with Javascript/Typescript, but experience working in the dairy industry is not required! We will teach you all there is to know about the industry beginning with our Dairy 101 course. It is definitely more complicated than you think and that is why we do what we do! You will likely have been building modern, web-scale applications for at least 3+ years, but we are more interested in the how rather than the how long. Previous experience working with AWS is required. 

• Extensive experience with Node, React, TS/JS, MongoDB
• 2+ years working with production workloads in AWS 
• Strong sense of empathy to care deeply about customer problems and user experience
• Analytical thinking skills and a data-informed approach to decision-making
• Curiosity and passion to constantly be learning; we change fast, and we need our team to be able to change and learn fast too
• A passion for mentoring both on your immediate team and in the larger engineering team
• Previous experience in transportation, logistics, finance, 3PL, or similar is a major plus
🐮 Competitive salaries - we’re constantly reevaluating market trends to ensure we meet or exceed industry standards.
🐮 Equity - Stock option plan on a standard 4 year vesting schedule with a 1 year cliff.
🐮 Unlimited paid vacation and flex time - unlimited vacation can be vague and difficult to track; we strongly encourage everyone to take at least 2 weeks off per year plus public holidays. The rest is up to you.
🐮 Health (mental & physical), dental, & HSA coverage across North America.
🐮 Remote work environment - work from home or from one of our hubs in Halifax and St. John’s.
🐮 Flexible hours - night owl or early riser? No problem.
🐮 Tools - need the latest and great software to perform more efficiently? Ask and you shall receive.
🐮 Quarterly culture events - trivia, robot building, hackathons, etc. We like to keep it fresh and exciting.

🥛 We’ll drop everything to ensure our customers feel supported.
🥛 Transparency is ingrained in everything we do.
🥛 Respect is paramount.
🥛 We win and lose as a herd - lessons learned are equally as important as the wins.
🥛 We’re all in this together - our company wide thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.
🥛 Want to learn a bit more about what makes us moo-nique? Check out our About Us page for company mission, purpose, and values.
🥛 Did we mention we love puns?!

Send your resume via our Careers page and don’t forget to fill out our Get To Know The Candidate form; we love hearing what your favourite dairy products are! For bonus points, send the hiring manager a brief LinkedIn message explaining why you’re interested in the position.

We conduct remote interviews always. This role is flexible given the candidate's location and work preference and we’ll work closely with you as we understand every person has unique circumstances.

Don’t meet every single requirement? Studies have shown that women and people of colour are less likely to apply to jobs unless they meet almost every qualification. At Milk Moovement we’re committed to continually improving our approach to building a diverse, inclusive, and value driven workplace. If you’re excited about this role but your past experiences don’t align perfectly with our job description, we encourage you to apply regardless. You could just be the right candidate for this role or others!