Technical Account Manager

Pune - Hybrid
Customer Success & Pro Serv – Support /
Full-time /

Shift timings for the role: 3 PM IST to 12 AM IST

    • This role would operate in a shift with the working hours being 3 PM IST to 12 AM IST.
    • We would be providing a shift allowance and a cab facility for this role.

Role Overview

    • A Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Mindtickle is pivotal in ensuring that customers successfully implement, adopt, and derive maximum value from Mindtickle's suite of sales enablement products. As the primary technical liaison between the customer and the company, the TAM provides strategic guidance, technical support, and proactive advice to help customers achieve their sales and engagement objectives.

    • Key Responsibilities:

      1. Customer Onboarding and Implementation:
    •  Lead the initial setup and provide technical training to ensure seamless integration with the customer's existing systems.
    •  Customise integrations and workflows to match the customer's requirements and sales processes.
    • 2. Ongoing Technical Support
    • Respond promptly to technical queries and troubleshoot issues effectively to minimize disruption.
    •  Collaborate with internal teams to address and escalate complex issues when necessary.
    • 3. Customer Relationship Management
    •  Conduct regular check-ins to review system performance, gather feedback, and relay customer needs to internal teams.
    •  Act as customers' primary point of contact, ensuring their success with Mindtickle's products.
    • 4. Proactive Performance Monitoring
    •  Utilize monitoring tools to track system performance and identify potential issues before they impact the customer.
    •  Analyze usage patterns and engagement metrics to optimize the customer experience.
    • 5. Feature Adoption and Optimization
    •  Identify training needs and collaborate with internal teams to deliver targeted training sessions to customers.
    •  Ensure customers fully leverage Mindtickle's features and functionalities to optimize their sales processes.
    • 6. Customer Advocacy and Feedback
    •  Collect and document customer feedback, advocating for customer-requested features or enhancements.
    • Present customer needs and use cases to internal stakeholders to drive product improvements.
    • 7. Strategic Collaboration and Escalation Management
    • Collaborate with Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to craft technical success plans tailored to each customer's needs.
    •  Take ownership of support tickets, ensuring timely resolution within agreed SLAs, and serving as an escalation contact for customers.
    • 8. Reporting, Documentation, and Analytical Needs Assessment
    •  Create and maintain comprehensive tech stack documentation for each customer, detailing all integrations, automation rules, and analytical needs.
    •   Analyze customers' analytical requirements and assist them in leveraging Mindtickle's analytics dashboards and OData platform to optimize their sales strategies.
    • 9. Promotion of Premium Support Services
    •   Promote the adoption of Premium Support Services in collaboration with Sales, CSMs, and Onboarding leadership.
    •   Support CSMs during contract renewals and ensure customer success and satisfaction.

    •  Required Skills and Qualifications

      1. Technical Expertise
    •   Proficiency in sales enablement platforms, CRM systems, API integrations, and data analytics.
    •   Understanding of AWS services (e.g., EC2, S3, RDS), AWS architecture, and security best practices.
    •   Proficiency in networking concepts (e.g., DNS, TCP/IP) and AWS networking services (e.g., VPC, Route 53).
    •  Understanding of microservices architecture, API management, and SaaS application architecture.
    •  Familiarity with monitoring tools (e.g., CloudWatch) and performance tuning.
    •  Basic understanding of web applications, networking, and capturing client logs using various methods (HAR logs, Net-Export, Wireshark).
    •  Ability to analyze network calls, understand console errors, and identify impact areas.
    •  Knowledge of sync & async systems or workflows.
    •  Ability to create run-books for repeated problems
    •  Sound working knowledge of Observability tools like Zipy, DataDog, SumoLogic, and AWS Serverless (Lambda) tools.
    •  Ability to understand architecture diagrams and troubleshoot accordingly.
    • 2. Customer Relationship Skills
    •  Excellent communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills.
    •  Ability to build strong relationships with customers and internal teams.
    • 3. Project Management
    •  Strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
    •  Experience coordinating the rollout of new product features across customer organizations.
    • 4. Analytical Skills
    •  Proficiency in data analysis tools and interpreting data to make data-driven recommendations.
    •  Experience analyzing usage patterns and engagement metrics to optimize customer experiences.
    • 5. Industry Knowledge
    •  Understanding of sales processes, challenges, and tools commonly used in the sales enablement domain.
    •  Knowledge of sales methodologies, industry trends, and pain points in sales operations.
    • 6. Additional Qualifications
    •  Fluency in English is essential.
    •  Minimum of two years of experience in technical support, professional services, or consulting within an enterprise SaaS environment.
    •  Strong understanding of the SaaS business model, technologies, and related applications.
    •  Ability to articulate technical concepts clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences.
    •  Effective written and verbal communication skills.
    •  Willingness to work EMEA hours and be flexible about work hours depending on customer/situation needs.
    •  Proficiency in web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is an added plus.