Planning and Performance Senior Manager

MIC - Planning and Performance Management
MiSK Initiatives Center (MIC) is the entity of the foundation focusing on community engagement, talent development and incubation of programs in tech and media that can be spinned-off. MIC houses one Shared Services Center and 5 Strategic Business Units (Community Engagement, Innovation, Misk Global Forum, Fellowships, Booster).

Within MIC, the Shared Services Center provides business units specific services and solutions related to PMO, partnerships, human resources, operations, and finance.

As the Planning and Performance Senior Manager you will be in charge of defining PMO vision, strategic directions and guiding principles in line with the mission and strategic directions of MIC. Your role will be critical for ensuring that an integrated, focused improvement approach for managing all projects within MIC is in place through defining and implementing project management governance and operating processes. As many projects are carried out simultaneously, you will work closely with the CEO to ensure leveled workload across all projects and coordinate necessary resources with concerned stakeholders to meet MIC needs.
The Planning and Performance Senior Manager reports directly to the CEO of MIC and works closely with him to ensure MIC values and culture are embedded consistently from top to bottom, across all teams working under his/her direction.


    • Initiates standardized approaches to allow for rapid execution of initiatives, projects and programs associated with organization strategies and plans
    • Leads the development of project management processes, policies and practices consistent with the overall business strategy for MIC
    • Educates and trains Executive Managers and Projects Manager on project management standards, practices, principles and procedures
    • Fosters strong project management competence within MIC
    • Balances the project management execution and processes improvement efforts to meet the overall needs of the organization
    • Ensures that appropriate planning, tracking and reporting is occurring at the cross functional level
    • Supports the CEO in resolving resource allocation issues to support the effective management of projects, including budget, tools and people
    • Addresses project management issues and challenges with the CEO and Executive Managers and others as required
    • Acts as the focal point for program management process and information system decisions
    • Provides the CEO with regular projects monitoring reports highlighting major variances from defined quality, time and budget targets


    • General
    • Saudi national (Female or male)
    • Fluent in Arabic and English (written and verbal)
    • 30 to 40 Years old

    • Education and experience
    • Bachelor degree with demonstrated academic achievement 
    • Minimum of 8+ years of project management experience in a reputable organization. 
    • Minimum of 3+ years of project management experience in the role of PMO Manager
    • Strong track record in building solid business partnerships, influencing and managing multiple stakeholders
    • Deep understanding of Saudi Arabia
    • Broader business intellect, gained from working in a Blue Chip/ best in class environments
    • Related best in class business experience from top 100 organization
    • Strong regional experience across the GCC, with a focus on Saudi Arabia
    • Strong track record of effectively setting up and managing PMOs in different organizations
    • Proven success of building a culture of self-responsibility (i.e. no micro-management)

Skill and abilities

    • Ability to create and execute a performance management function
    • Ability to develop and continuously finetune dashboard, analysis and measuring tools
    • Strategic Thinking (Conceptual, Environmental, Analytical)
    • Customer Centricity (Continuous improvement)
    • Stakeholder Management (Internal, External)
    • Performance Orientation (Measurement, Accountability, Results)
    • Great leadership abilities, especially in building high performing teams
    • Exceptional communication skills
    • Best practices in performance management functionsKnowledge of best practices in performance management functions