Human Resources Manager

Shared Services

Our mission at MiSK Initiatives Center (MIC) is to enable Saudi talents to excel, innovate and drive advancement towards a knowledge based society, rooted in Saudi values. We work on achieving this mission through 5 strategic business units (SBUs) each with specific focus domains and direct reporting lines to the Center’s CEO. 

As the Human Resources Manager you will be in charge of planning, developing and implementing effective HR Policies and Procedures throughout MIC to ensure achieving the objectives of the organization while obtaining optimum efficiency and quality of operations and maximize achievement of targeted results.

Your role will involve leading the development of MIC HR strategy, goals and objectives in line with the overall organizational strategy and monitoring the adherence to human resources policies and procedures by all employees in direct cooperation with Shared Services Manager.

You will be reporting to Shared Services Manager and work closely with him and the rest of the executive management team at MIC to ensure values and culture are embedded consistently from top to bottom, across all teams in the organization. 

Key responsibilities

    • Acts as the focal point for all recruitment related activities in the organization including assisting Executive Mangers in defining staffing needs, define proper talent acquisition strategies, liaise with recruiting agencies and maintain information on personnel sources.
    • Carries out all necessary placement activities for selected employees including orientation with the organization rules and regulations. 
    • Conducts exit interviews with leaving employees, compiles and presents feedback reports to executive management.
    • Prepares new employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.
    • Coordinates with Executive Managers in defining training and development needs.
    • Assists Executive Manager in coordinating appropriate on the job training programs.
    • Ensures effective implementation of employee performance appraisal policies and procedures.
    • Generates reports of the return on investment associated with employee training programs and recommends amendments to these programs in a manner that maximizes the return on investment in these programs.
    • Manages payroll related information and ensure regular updates of this information in a manner that facilitates accurate and timely preparation of monthly payroll. 
    • Supervises Personnel transactions and preparation of relevant needed documents needed, and ensures safety of Personnel files and confidentiality of materials.


    • Saudi national (Female or male)
    • 28 to 40 Years old
    • Bachelor degree with demonstrated academic achievement 
    • Fluent in Arabic and English (written and verbal)
    • Minimum of 5+ years of senior management experience in a reputable organization in the role of Human Resources Manager.
    • Strong experience in measuring and enhancing employee engagement in a Saudi work environment. 
    • Strong track record of effectively leading and scaling a performance- and outcomes-based organization and staff