Beneficiary Engagement & Research Director

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Misk Foundation – Beneficiary Engagement & Research /
The responsibilities of the Enablement and Insights Director include, but are not limited to:


Lead development and contribute to Misk Foundation’s strategy in support of a mid-term agenda to achieve key targets such as:
• 25k active monthly users on Misk Hub platform (in 2021)
• 80% of Saudi Youth being familiar with Misk and believing it has a big impact on the development of Saudi society (in 2021)
• 7k+ youth engaged on Misk’s community platforms during MGF and other mega-events (in 2021)
• 15+ Saudi delegates participating in global engagements (in 2021)
• 2 flagship research reports updated (in 2021)
• Full impact framework for Misk Programs created (in 2021)

Business Planning and Implementation:

• Translates Misk Enablement and Insights business strategy into a coherent plan and cascading it across the different programs, such as:
-Beneficiary Enablement (including Misk Hub, Beneficiary Engagement and Marketing/Communication)
-Global Engagement (including Misk Global Forum and other new flagship events) Research, impact measurement and program innovation
• Leverages the different roles and platforms within Enablement and Insights improve the success and impact of the different programs/projects, within the E&I track and benefitting the other.
 Takes responsibility for managing Enablement and Insights towards (over)achieving annual Objectives/Key Results and achieving the intended impact
• Strategically develops the Misk Hub as the central point of interaction with beneficiaries, alumni and other stakeholders.


• Develops Misk Enablement and Insights budget in alignment to the annual business plan
• Manages the financial performance of Misk Enablement and Insights against budgets.

Logistics and Operations:

• Oversees the smooth running of logistics and administrative operations across Misk Enablement and Insights programs as per the set guidelines, legislations and procedures, to ensure efficient and cost-effective operations
• Explore and pursue options for improving program scalability and cost-effectiveness, while balancing for impact and the need for direct personal involvement vs. oversight
• Ensure flawless applicant and beneficiary operations according to industry best practices.

People Management:

• Builds and leads a motivated, engaged and competent team throughout Misk Enablement and Insights, by setting priorities and objectives, managing performance, and providing ongoing feedback and leadership to meet the set goals.
• Hire and integrates external providers, experts and other stakeholders to boost the overall quality of the programs.


The Enablement and Insights Director will have the following experience and qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Business, IT, Engineering Social Sciences, Public Policy, or any related field/ MBA or equivalent post-graduate qualification from a recognized business school
• 14 and above years including at least 5 years in positions of progressively increasing managerial responsibilities
• Demonstrated experience in working across a wide range of programs and functional topics, with a passion for hands-on involvement and a strong attention to detail
• Demonstrated ability to deal with and significantly improve fast-moving operations
• Ability to deal with high levels of uncertainty and pressure to deliver
• Passion for developing a young, capable and ambitious internal team
• Demonstrated practical experience in building impactful beneficiary-oriented programs, online and offline communities, ensuring consistent engagement, and translating into program participation
• Demonstrated strong understanding of the needs of Saudi Youth and Young Professionals and how to mobilize them
• Demonstrated practical experience in developing and delivering high-quality youth-focused programs and events, orchestrating participants, providers, partners, media and other stakeholders
• Familiar with quantitative and qualitative research
• Strong network in the public, private and social sectors across Saudi Arabia and in the region.