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What We’re Building at Miso and How We Work
For the last 20 years, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify have defined what personalization is for billions of users around the world. There’s no question that their big data approach to user-centric personalization has been transformative and integral to their success. That said, their model of personalization is far out of reach for the tens of thousands of other marketplaces, retailers, and platforms that are online. The rest of us who aren’t $1T+ platforms can’t copy their playbook—we just don’t have the user data, the ML Ops infrastructure, and the data scientists to compete with them on their level.
Miso is in this sense the ultimate cheat code for everyone who is not a FANG company but who is operating at scale in terms of the size of their catalog and the volume and diversity of their userbase. We’re less than 1 year old as a SaaS platform, but we’re already on track to drive $100M in total revenue lift for our customers this year because we are quite simply not playing Google or Amazon’s personalization game. We’ve rewritten the playbook using over 10 years of our co-founders’ research on small data personalization to drive n=1 personalization engines that are trained to accurately predict every single user’s preferences, interests, and intent on any marketplace, eCommerce site, or media platform—all in real time.
Our goal is pretty simple: we want to level the playing field on personalized search and recommendations for everyone on the web, and do so without any tradeoffs that violate user privacy. We don’t do mobile fingerprinting, we don’t use third-party cookies, and we don’t horizontally mine data—because we don’t need to. We’re fully GDPR and CCPA compliant and our customers are able to uniquely personalize their UX for every visitor and user on-site instantly, even if they’re anonymous. And as we’re veterans of Alibaba, Rakuten, Mercari, Yahoo!, Tencent, Microsoft, and Google, we built Miso for enterprise scale from day one. We’ve already processed almost 1 billion unique datapoints to power our models, and have personalized 100 million searches and product discovery recommendations in the last 10 months.

There is a ton to build and scale with a long list of prospective brands, marketplaces, and platforms ready to become customers. If you feel you're perfect for the role, or even are hungry to grow into a role like this, please apply. We’re a player-coach culture, meaning you will get to build, have ownership and input on a wide variety of projects. Ultimately, we’re looking for hardworking, focused individuals that want to develop solutions for our customers.

It’s not expected that any single candidate would have the expertise to cover everything below—we’re looking for candidates that are particularly strong in a few areas and have some interest and capabilities in others. If this sounds exciting and you’re a hard worker, let's have a conversation.
What You’ll be Accomplishing:
As an enterprise startup, we’ve grown and matured quickly with some of the largest marketplaces, eCommerce retailers, and platforms on the web, processing over 1 billion unique behavioral interactions and driving over 100 million search and product recommendation experiences, for an aggregate lift so far of $100M annually with zero customer churn. Most startups would have just blitzed the market with splashy ads and campaigns initially, but we’re a very disciplined team and wanted to make sure we built incredible product-market fit first so that when we did decide to come out of stealth and begin marketing we’d have a great foundation for high ROI with fun, irreverent, and creatively exciting marketing.
This is where you come in; we’re looking for someone that loves shaping narratives and creating compelling content across a range of mediums and formats. Miso’s approach to flipping the script on personalization via the power of small data and our approach to semantic indexing is new, but the results speak for themselves and the fact that we’re not violating user privacy to do so is something we’re incredibly proud of. You’ll be a creative director in a lot of respects for storytelling what we do, not just on a technology level but from the point of view of our customers, who are all beyond psyched to build the features of their dreams in record time and see their engagement levels climb within hours of going live. That and guaranteed revenue lift for every Miso customer doesn’t hurt either.
With all this, we’re doing our best to make your job easy by executing a unique and iconic strategy for showing the web what we can do, and accordingly we’re hoping you will be able to:
●        Customize high-quality executive engagements. You’ll be customer-obsessed and listen closely to our customers to understand their unique challenges. You’ll connect with expert Miso team members to collaborate and create content to tell an inspiring narrative in executive engagements. You’ll develop compelling narratives and ensure two-way user conversations run effectively in virtual and in-person settings.
●        Design our first high-touch marketing program. You will create a program that tailors personalized marketing activations to high priority accounts. You’ll help define what a “priority account” is, who are the personas we should focus on, and what industries and segments we should prioritize. You’ll build a set of playbooks that sales can execute to grow the account.
●        Develop data-driven campaigns: As part of our campaigns, you’ll leverage prosperity-to-buy insights to successfully engage contacts at target accounts; and ultimately generate and accelerate sales opportunities and pipeline
●        Scale the program: You’ll create the roadmap to scale our efforts, by looking at process improvements, involving agency resources, and implementing technical solutions so we can amplify our impact.
●        Build a trusted relationship with solutions: You’ll provide guidance on account strategy and marketing campaigns that can help our sales and solutions teams.
●        Share customer feedback with solutions and engineering teams: You’ll become an expert in the needs of customers and the expectations across the industry, documenting feedback that will influence product strategy and sales priorities.

What We're Looking for

    • BA/BS degree (in lieu of degree, 4 years of relevant work experience)
    • 4+ years of product marketing or content creation experience for the CxO audience, preferably in B2B SaaS or Enterprise sales scenarios. Experience in executive engagement programs, strategic partnerships, sales, or sales enablement is a plus.
    • A storyteller. You have deep empathy for users and are able to adapt how you communicate to best reach and engage your audience—from developer to CPO. You have proven experience building thoughtful narratives and content for specific solutions and industries within segmented customer and prospect audiences. 
    • Data-driven thinking. You like working with data and insights and pair that with your passion for users to generate balanced and thoughtful points of view for how to take our products to market
    • Organization skills / project management experience. You have a strong track record of driving simultaneous projects and multiple initiatives. You are able to manage highly interdependent, complex projects and keep various workstreams moving forward.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. A passion for creating new content and cultivating existing content for new iterations. 
    • A strong visual sense for aesthetics and graphics to be able to work with our design and animation teammates on new content and stories to share with our community.
    • A clear appreciation of the different audiences Miso speaks to, and how to tailor messaging for each one. (Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on this one!)
    • High energy and infectiously optimistic attitude. Works well under pressure, meets tight deadlines, and doesn’t get fazed by rapidly changing environments. 
    • Strong empathy towards others with the ability to create and nurture relationships across multiple teams.
Benefits :
●        Competitive health care coverage and paid family leave
●        Globally remote with flexible work schedules to fit your needs
●        401(k) with match up to 4%
●        Possible equity grants
●        Coworking or home office stipend
●        Paid time off—there when you want it and when you need it