(Remote) Senior Analyst

Why are we hiring an analyst?

Mixtiles has become a global platform for turning digital photos into beautiful wall art. We believe that the best decisions are backed up by data. We have collected a ton of data which powers various aspects of the business, informs our strategy, and ultimately optimizes our customers’ experiences.

Our company is seeing crazy growth. Until recently, our CEO has done most of the data collection and analysis. But he’s busy, and we can do ten times better with a Senior Analyst. Having someone brilliant working full time, building models and gathering data, will make our strategy better, and that will help us succeed enormously.

We’ve already seen tremendous growth, but we are still just at the start of our journey. This role has the potential for massive impact on Mixtiles’ growth trajectory. If you have a strong background in analytics, are passionate about leveraging data to drive business and product decisions, are interested in making significant impact, excited about redefining the future of art and photography, and are interested in applying your skills to grow Mixtiles - we want to hear from you.

What is your mission (if you choose to accept it)? 

Your mission is to quickly analyze complicated situations using data, statistics and logic. You’ll be required to understand what data exists, internally and on the internet, and build models that’ll allow us to make sense of everything.

You’ll work directly with the company’s senior management. Sometimes you’ll be the first to discover we’ve failed at something big. Sometimes you’ll find that we’re winning. And sometimes you’ll tell us we still don’t have enough data and that we should continue experimenting.

Recent projects:
1. We’ve gathered all our historical data in order to understand how our marketing funnel performs over time, and use this data to quickly kill/double-down on new marketing channels.
2. We recently overhauled our entire financial Google Sheets, using tons of data, to make them a tool that helps us predict our cash flow and assist decision making around expenditures. This helps us do things faster and with more confidence.

Who should you be?

    • 3+ years in the field of analytics: We need you hitting the ground running.
    • Coding experience strongly preferred: SQL and Python/Javascript allows you to get data on your own.
    • Proven hands-on experience: Models, statistics, collecting data.
    • Excellent communicator: People enjoy talking with you.
    • Expert in necessary tools: Google, spreadsheets, graphs, BI systems.
    • General knowledge: You should know something about everything.

Why work at Mixtiles?

    • Competitive salary: Our formula is to pay top 5% of the market.
    • Equity: Our formula is 8 times your annual salary if we hit our financial goals.
    • Fantastic life quality: We all work remote. No time wasted on commuting. See your kids (or dogs) more. Work serves life, not the other way around.
    • Our product is cool. You work on a product your family would love. A product that matters to everybody. Not just corporations.
    • We're seeing massive growth. We grew 800% between 2016 to 2017. That’s a lot. It creates change. Change is interesting. Change is challenging. Change means opportunity.
    • We move fast. No group meetings, no conference calls. They crush your soul. Have clear ownership of your work: your failures, and your successes.