Senior Backend Developer

Tel Aviv
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Senior Backend Developer at Mixtiles

Hi there, I’m Eytan, Co-Founder of Mixtiles. Three years ago I started Mixtiles together with David, my business partner and best friend. Since then we completely changed what people do with their photos and how they bring them to life, with millions of our tiles proudly presented on people’s walls.

We’re looking for a great Backend Developer to join our team. Our backend software is a big part of what makes Mixtiles work. Our product is affordable because software automates our factory. Our marketing scales because software collects tons of data from various sources and aggregates it into actionable dashboards. Our customers love how we communicate with them because software automates tons of the emails we’re sending in a smart way. Our backend controls almost every aspect of the company, it has a huge influence over everything we do.

What will you do?
You will own a piece of our backend. You’ll make the API amazing for our iOS and Android teams. You’ll build internal tools for our customer service team, enabling them to respond to customers better and faster. You’ll improve the way our factory works, and enable our expansion to new countries. A lot of our decisions are based on data, you’ll write code that collects that data and crunches it so our decision making is solid.
Your work will have a lot of impact on the company’s bottom line and your code will affect millions of people.

Who should you be?
We’re looking for an experienced Node developer that can take our backend to it’s next level. We think the right person should have 5 years of software development experience with at least 2 years writing Node. We think startups are a unique environment and are looking for someone that has at least 2 years of startup experience. Great socials skills are really important, people should enjoy talking with you. We also look for people with an sense of ownership, a sense of pride in their craft and passion for shipping code into production.

A few words about our software team and tech stack
Our software team is seven people strong consisting of backend (Node), iOS, Android, QA and our fearless team leader Maxim. We ship things fast and typically release at least one version a week. Our app is written in Swift, we use GitHub for source control, BuddyBuild to automate builds and deployment, Carthage for dependency management, Amplitude for analytics, Fabric for crash reporting and Monday for project management.

Our Vision
Lastly, I’d like to share how we think about the future. Every day, huge amounts of people hang photos on walls. They’ve been doing it since cave paintings. Today, they use hammers, nails and pay $40+ per photo. We believe everyone would prefer a photo that sticks easily, leaves no marks and costs $10. We think it’s simple and it makes sense.
We’re focused on spreading the word about Mixtiles and improving our product towards our vision. We want to become the way the entire world puts photos on walls. And yes, it also means generating billions of dollars in revenues and profits.

We’d love to hear from you.