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  • Tell us about yourself! We really want to get to know you, so try writing something that will give us a feel for your personality.
  • We're currently ONLY looking for people available to help us out during the day (9:00am-5:30pm) or in the evenings (3:30pm-midnight EST). Do you prefer one of these shifts over the other? We're not currently hiring for any other shifts.
  • We also need people who are available to work weekends on a regular basis (a Thursday-Monday schedule, for example). Would that work for you?
  • Would you like to work six days a week?
  • Have you read the document linked in the previous page?
  • Hey, the tiles came and I love them! I really appreciate your help in replacing those damaged ones. I’m sure you saw those were special pics for me and my husband. We renewed our vows in Las Vegas after 23 years of marriage! We had such a blast, and seeing our tiles every day is awesome. Here’s a pic of how they look in our living room, what do you think? Thank you Mixtiles!!
  • Thanks for reaching out, Mallory. We did love the tiles. These were special ones. My son is in the hospital at the moment after a car crash. He’s recovering, but it’s been a tough time for all of us. Of course we can’t put holes in the hospital room walls, but I wanted something to bring a little love into his room while he’s on the mend. This has made it so much nicer for him and for all of us while we keep him company. Thanks again!
  • I can’t even tell you how disappointed I am. These things arrived two days later than you promised, and one of the big points of your advertising is how quick and easy this is. It even took you a whole day to respond to a simple email. These were a gift for my niece’s birthday yesterday, and I looked like a complete idiot at the party with no gift. Thank you so much for that. I want my money back right now and I’ll never use you again.
  • Oh man, these are the coolest! I’m going to tell all my friends, you’ll get tons of orders because I’m a social butterfly, lol. I’m your new best sales rep! ;)
  • Tiles arrived in good condition, quick delivery. Will order again, thanks.
  • They’re lovely. I got pictures of my grandkids and they came out perfectly. I’m not tech-savvy at all, so I didn’t want to order at first. But my daughter said your app was really easy - even for a granny like me who thinks a phone is for calling people! Well, she was right, it was so simple and they came out great. You’ve been wonderful about keeping me up to date on my order with your emails, too. I’m very happy, thank you.

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