Senior Back-End Engineer

Mobify is looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to join our product development team.

Join us in redefining how retailers and brands deliver customer experiences! Mobify’s Front-end Platform as a Service is a brand new way to unlock the agility of a headless commerce approach and power fast, immersive experiences with exciting new technology like Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages.

We’re developing a Front-end as a Service for commerce that includes:

• SDKs for building great shopping experiences with Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages and native applications
• A cloud hosting environment to orchestrate deployments of those experiences
• Analytics pipelines to understand shoppers’ experiences and find opportunities to improve them

To help teams evolve their shopping experiences, we must dramatically reduce the risk of every change that they make by making them lower effort and lower risk. In this role, you would help do this by choosing good API boundaries that hide the difficulty of managing complex deployments of performant, scalable, fault tolerant applications to AWS.

This is a great role for a developer looking to understand more about building and evolving public APIs that others can reliably build upon!

What You'll Do

    • Write, test and release server-side Python and JavaScript code early and often
    • Collaborate in code and design review processes to create higher quality, more maintainable systems
    • Work with a cross functional product development team including product managers, designers and engineers
    • Use Django and Python to orchestrate deployments to our hosting environment
    • Use AWS, Node and React.js to create performant, scalable and fault tolerant deployments of partner developed code deployed on our infrastructure
    • Present your work to an audience at our internal Engineering Meetups

Who You Are

    • You have good general knowledge of data structures, web application deployment patterns and networking
    • You’ve worked on a team that has built a large web application
    • You have extensive experience using backend development languages like Python, Ruby, Java or Node.js and experience with MVC frameworks, relational databases and Object-Relational mappers
    • You’ve worked with complex deployments on AWS or other cloud providers
    • You’re a strong communicator who loves to collaborate with a team
    • You have a growth mindset and have experience growing other Engineers
This position is available on-site at our Vancouver (Canada) headquarters or as a remote role (in other areas of Canada or the U.S.) with overlapping work hours.

About Us

Mobify helps brands deliver amazing commerce experiences to everyone. The Mobify platform enables teams to rapidly build, run, and evolve experiences that engage every shopper, regardless of their device, network, or ability.

We love coming to work every day because of the people who surround us. This friendly, collaborative, and supportive environment ensures that everyone feels welcome and all voices are heard.

Mobify is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people of all backgrounds and experience levels to apply.