Enterprise Account Manager & Technical Sales

New York, NY
Pave Power – Commercial /
Full-time /
Level: Manager/ Senior Manager  
Location: New York City area preferred, remote possible for an exceptional candidate; frequent travel required regardless of location.  
Hiring Manager: Kirk Bedell 
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About Pave Power 
Fleet electrification presents a significant opportunity for commercial fleet operators to lower their total cost of ownership while transforming their fleets to zero-emissions. Pave Power is dedicated to collaborating with commercial fleet operators to create customized fleet electrification solutions that align with their unique business requirements, allowing them to focus on their core competencies while enhancing profitability, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

The shift from diesel to electric fleets is imminent, with California already banning the sale of ICE vehicles by 2035, and other states soon following suit with their own electrification mandates. This shift will fundamentally transform the transportation and logistics industries, as electricity becomes the new standard of fuel, changing how goods, services, and people are transported. However, the aging U.S. power grid faces crippling congestion and reliability issues, and deploying clean energy infrastructure in support of electrified fleets requires sophisticated, holistic solutions.

Pave Power is at the forefront of this once-in-a-century economic opportunity and we believe that we have developed a highly-attractive and commercially viable business model for electrifying fleets that is also differentiated in the marketplace. 

At Pave Power, we are bringing together leading investors and operators from across the energy and transportation spaces who share values of respect, trust, integrity, and acumen. Our anchor investor, Modern Energy, also provides our team with flexible, sophisticated back-office capabilities, ensuring that day-to-day operations run seamlessly.  

As a Enterprise Account Manager & Technical Sales, you will play a pivotal role in developing and implementing sophisticated and comprehensive solutions for deploying clean energy infrastructure to support electrified fleets. Your contributions will be crucial to the success of our mission while being part of a high-humility, high-achievement ecosystem. You will be responsible for all aspects of customer success - serving as the bridge between sales and project execution. You will serve as a key point of contact for customers and will be entrusted to lead a high-touch and highly technical customer journey. 

The position will require travel to prospective sites, project locations, customer, and vendor visits. Your responsibilities will include the below:

Lead relationship and account management with Pave’s existing customers by:

    • Building and maintaining strong relationships with our existing customers, particularly large commercial enterprise customers.
    • Serving as the quarterback for all interaction and engagement between Pave Power and the customer – mapping and managing the Pave team’s engagement with various customer counterparts and ensuring that customer needs are being met and we are fostering trust among all stakeholders. 
    • Diligently tracking and managing progress to goals and deliverables for customers, proactively communicating progress via recurring customer  meetings as well as one-off communications.
    • Proactively identifying potential issues for customers and working towards resolving them promptly.
    • Creating materials to support ongoing customer engagement, such as presentations, customer roadmaps, market and progress updates, engagement proposals, and more.
    • Proactively soliciting customer feedback and adapting customer success strategy based on feedback and pain points.
    • Exploring opportunities for upselling and expansion with existing customers and developing strategies and content to execute on these potential opportunities. 
    • Supporting Pave's project development function by providing insight into the customer journey and objectives, assisting the Project Development and Project Execution teams in meeting customer needs.

Prospect and cultivate relationships with new customers by:

    • Successfully pitching and selling Pave's partnership value, electrification project concepts, and industry experience & acumen to commercial and industrial customers.
    • Developing strategies and content for pitching to potential new customers, showcasing Pave's unique offerings.
    • Communicating complex technical concepts in a compelling and understandable manner.
    • Continuously improving the communication of Pave's value proposition to resonate with target customers.
    • Collaborating with executive leadership and the Board to shape and maintain Pave's external presence, market image, and value proposition.
    • Leveraging resources at Modern Energy and working with the Pave team on lead generation efforts and identifying new business opportunities.
    • Devising strategies to establish meaningful connections with key stakeholders within potential customer organizations.
    • Creating customer heat maps and organization mapping to ensure effective relationship management.

Given the dynamic nature and needs of an early-stage business, all members at this young point in the business will need to support the growth of the business by:

    • Ideating with the founding team to further refine the vision for the company,  business model, culture, and strategy that supports it.
    • Working to create a “people first” culture by modeling and reinforcing  the values of trust, support, transparency, and accountability within the team.
    • Working alongside all team members to establish “ways of working” for the business, including the practices, processes, and systems that the company will use. 
    • Building relationships with potential customers, partners, investors, and stakeholders. 
    • Recruiting additional team members as needed and actively engaging in the hiring and onboarding processes for new employees.
    • Being willing to jump in and support every part of the business to help drive deliverables and execute key tasks – including business development, customer relationships, sales execution, technical analysis and design, vendor management, regulatory and incentive analysis, financial analysis, attending industry conferences, participating in site visits, etc.

Personal Qualities

    • You are Self-Directed:You are not afraid of ambiguity. You understand that it is your job to create the clarity you seek. You don’t wait for direction and when you are confused, you manage up and ask clarifying questions.  
    • You are Relational and a Team Player: You have experience working across multiple teams and levels and are natural in connecting and building rapport easily. You’ve been told you have a high EQ and you are able to effectively call on your relationships to get the work done, to make sales, and manage others laterally. 
    • You Demonstrate Humility:You understand that having an ego in this work is dangerous and puts our work at risk. You never feign confidence in an under-researched position and are careful not to lose trust and credibility with your partners who rely on your insights and recommendations. 
    • You have a Growth Mindset: You operate with a research mindset and are innately curious. You understand that struggling through a tough question provides unparalleled learning opportunities. When you don’t know something, you go out into the world and grapple with it. When you find something odd, you dig deeper to understand its significance and look for ways that it could affect the model’s output.  
    • You are an Exceptional Communicator:You are able to communicate complex information, concepts, recommendations, and updates to audiences in a way that drives action and sales, both via written and spoken communications. You are comfortable engaging with a variety of stakeholders, actively listening, and presenting Pave in the best possible light.
    • You have an Attention to Detail:You make sure you cross your Ts and dot your Is. You are a tight operator and appreciate an orientation towards process and organization. 
    • You are Mission-Aligned: You are passionate about the mission of Pave Power, and motivated by the goal of delivering affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to all.

Need-to-Have Experience:

    • > 5 years account management and enterprise sales experience in power, infrastructure or transportation.

Nice-to-Have Experience:

    •  Hands on experience with developing distributed energy projects (interconnection, regulation & incentives, permitting, design optimization, engineering, Pre-NTP)
    • Hands on experience with construction & operational aspects of distributed energy projects (planning & zoning, construction management, commissioning, asset management, and ongoing O&M, Post-NTP)
    • Hands on experience with project finance aspects of distributed energy projects (interacting with financial model, input assumptions, design & engineering impacts on project returns, project and funding timelines)
We're an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status. We encourage applicants from historically marginalized communities to apply.

If you have any questions please contact cfullerton@modern.energy