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We are currently looking for some social media moderation gurus who speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, German and French to help us with an upcoming event...Potential candidates can come from anywhere as long as they have the language skills needed and are bi-lingual in English.

Who you are:

    • Freelancer who can work from anywhere!
    • Bilingual in English and in one or more of the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, German and French (must be near-native)
    • Twitter Proficient

What you'll do:

    • Moderation of live, online content for an upcoming, one day special 24-hour marathon event! 
    • Time slots are filled on first come first served basis, with a preference for 4 hour+ shifts.
    • Paid orientation (Date TBD)
The great news is if you chosen for this engagement you are a MOD and are eligible for the many other projects that are on the Fall horizon!