Game Engine Integrations Engineer

Cambridge, MA /
Core /
As a game engine integrations engineer, you'll join our core engineering team and help ensure all customers can integrate ToxMod into their platforms smoothly.

Please note that due to the occasionally customer-facing nature of this role, you will be asked at times to travel to meet with customers directly in addition to providing remote support. (Travel for this role is of course subject to a change in circumstances regarding COVID.)

The salary for this position is set at $150,000/yr

To avoid losing progress on your application, please feel free to complete responses separately in a local or cloud-saved document. If you encounter an error, any responses entered in the fields on the application will not be saved.

Specifically, you will:

    • Develop a variety of plugins allowing customers to use ToxMod with various game engines, VOIP providers, and hardware platforms
    • Work directly with customers to provide guidance and resolve integration challenges
    • Be flexibly on-call to respond to such customer needs, and coordinate with our business development and product teams to prioritize deeper customer engagements or future work
    • Utilize your understanding of our customers to conceive, design, and implement new features and tools to help them gain more from ToxMod
NOTE for the questions "Your fit for the role", "Your values/goals", and "Why Modulate?" on the following form:

Please avoid disclosing any details which would directly reveal your race, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other protected demographic status. We are only looking for information which directly relates to your ability to succeed in the given role. (For this same reason, resumes will not be viewed during the initial steps of the hiring process, as it’s been shown that resumes often lead to strong biases in hiring processes. If you feel that elements of your resume directly correspond to the questions below, though, feel free to copy them in.)