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Oakland, California
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About Us

Molten Industries' mission is to decarbonize the world's transportation and heavy industrial sectors. We are commercializing breakthrough technology to make high-quality, CO2-neutral graphite and hydrogen using only methane and electricity as inputs. Transportation (cars, trucks, ships, planes) and heavy industry (cement, steel, chemicals, fertilizer) currently make up over 40% of global CO2 emissions. Graphite is up to 25% of the mass of lithium-ion batteries used in phones, laptops, and electric vehicles. Battery-grade graphite and clean hydrogen can enable carbon-neutral or carbon-negative transport, shipping, fertilizer, steel, cement, and chemicals. 

Molten started in 2021 out of a garage at Stanford and is backed by top-tier venture capital firms and a world-class advisory board. We believe in using our talents for the most meaningful work of our lives - mitigating the effects of climate change. We want to do the kind of work that you can write home about. The work that you’ll tell your grandkids about. Engineering feats, growth miracles, and rock-solid, real-world change. At Molten we believe in dreaming big, working with urgency, and getting our hands dirty. 
Join us in our effort to push the final frontier of decarbonization.

The Role

As a member of Molten’s early team, you will build, operate, and maintain critical tools, jigs, equipment, and reactors to produce graphite and hydrogen using our proprietary technology. You will help build, operate, and test engineering systems as we scale from our pilot system to industrial plants. You will wear a variety of hats and are excited by work that spans mechanical, electrical, and chemical equipment and tools. You are a scrappy self-starter with a bias to action. You enjoy being hands-on and building physical systems. You are eager to play a key role in the fight against climate change.

What you will do

    • Assist with assembly of Molten’s modular commercial production units producing graphite and hydrogen at blazing hot temperatures
    • Light fabrication and machining in the Molten machine shop
    • Build reactor prototypes and test rigs for systems ranging from bench-top R&D scale to industrial facilities
    • Fabricate and assemble new equipment from prototypes to production
    • Perform rework of mechanical assemblies and electrical enclosures
    • Field installation of new machines and retrofitting existing production equipment
    • Develop equipment documentation for operation and maintenance
    • Work closely with a small technical founding team to push our graphite and hydrogen production technology to industrial scale

What you will bring

    • 2+ years of industry experience, closely working with engineers and engineering specifications
    • Excellent hands on mechanical and electrical assembly skills
    • Troubleshooting skills for electronic and mechanical systems
    • Experience operating and maintaining pumps, motors, compressors, and other basic industrial power components
    • Experience with plumbing and electrical routing
    • Safety oriented individual with experience in an industrial or construction environment

    • Physical Demands and Working Conditions
    • Ability to perform physically demanding work for extended periods of time
    • Wear personal protective equipment including but not limited to full-face respirators, gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, hard hats, and steel toe safety shoes
    • Frequently and repetitively lift, push, and carry up to 35 lbs
    • Reach low shelves or items on the floor, stoop, lay, bend, reach, squat, kneel, crouch, twist, and crawl to perform critical maintenance and assembly

Bonus Points

    • Experience with graphite and ceramics
    • Experienced machinist
    • Forklift certified
    • Welding, anchoring, rigging, and other related experience
    • Experience working with mechanical and electrical CAD software
    • Experience working with hydrogen systems
    • Proficiency reading and redlining P&IDs
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Perks and Benefits

Competitive salary or hourly wage eligible for overtime
Meaningful equity compensation
Health, dental and vision insurance covered by Molten
Generous 401k matching program
Flexible time off